Bout 1: LW Dirk Swanepool vs. Sheldon Victor

Round 1: It was over before it started, with Sheldon taking the win by submission to a Guillotine choke, in less than 30 seconds into the round.

Bout 2: LHW Simon Harle vs. Ronnie Thompson

Round 1: Another quick end to the bout, with the win by Simon Harle through a submission to a North-South Arm Triangle Choke.

Bout 3: MW Rocky Muabu vs. Danny Baptista

Round 1: A frenetic start to the fight with both men not afraid to engage. After an initial standing exchange, the fight went to the ground, where dominance was a see-saw affair.

Round 2: This was a much more sedate round, with neither man really eager to engage too quickly.

Round 3: Rocky took it straight to the ground & spent the round there, working Danny’s ribs. He wasn’t able to finish it though & it went to the judges, who gave it to rocky by Unanimous Decision.

Bout 4: FW Orlando Mashaba vs. Thumelo Ramafoko

Round1: These two came out swinging! Orlando was, however more comfortable on the ground & kept it there for most of the round.

Round 2: In the early part of the round, Orlando scored a heavy leg kick, knocking Thumi to the ground.Thumi was also eager to let his legs loose, but this was nearly his undoing, as he slipped & Orlando pounced.

Round 3: The men got tired in this round & although they were eager, their work rate was sluggish. Most of the round was spent on the ground, with Thumelo in control, but it was too little too late, as the judges gave the win to Orlando, by Split Decision.

Bout 5: FW Albert Steyn vs. Steven Goncalves

Round1: Even though Steven has a massive height & reach, Albert was able to take him to the ground, almost at will. Steven managed to stand things up, though & threw some big knees from the clinch.

Round 2: Albert took the fight straight to the ground & that’s where they stayed, the entire round, with Steven defending for all he was worth!

Round 3: Although Albert was dominant with the Takedowns & on the ground, he made a crucial mistake after a takedown, which gave Steven the top position. Steven wasted no time in laying down some GnP, to take the win by TKO.

Bout 6: BW Nico Joubert vs. Martin Joubert

Round1: 9 seconds….that was it!!! 1 Head kick & Nico was out!! The winner by KO, Martin Joubert!!

Bout 7: FW Leon White vs. Fortuna Kwabe

Round 1: Fortuna charged right in, swinging wildly & it was all Leon could do to get the takedown!! once on the ground though, it was a different direction of one-way traffic, with Leon dominating.

Round 2: Leon worked the leg kicks before taking it to the ground & working his game plan from there.

Round 3: Fortuna knew that the needed  a decision to win it & came out swinging, but Leon took it to the ground, where he ground out the round, to take the win by Unanimous Decision.

Bout 8: MW Dimitri Fogg vs. Roedolf Van Heerden

Round1: Dimitri took it to the ground, but it was Roedolf that sunk a guillotine choke. He was unable to sink it deeply enough & they ended the round in a stalemate…

Round 2: Roedolf tried to end it with a flurry of punches, but Dimitri scored a takedown & worked his ground game, to take the win by Submission to an Armbar

Bout 9: WW Horatius Alonu vs. Gunter Kalunda

Round 1: Horatio controlled the range with telling body & leg kicks, until Gunter shot for the takedown. On the canvas, he got the full mount & proceeded to lay down some GnP.

Round 2: Horatio again tried to keep Gunter away with body & leg kicks, but Gunter was able to get the takedown & side control from there. Horatio was frantic to stand things & frustrated Gunter’s attempts to assert his dominance.

Round 3: They were less eager to engage, in this round & were cautioned by the ref, for inactivity. When they did engage, the action was frantic, with Gunter desperately trying to shoot for a takedown & Horatio throwing everything in his arsenal to keep him at bay. It was all for naught though & the judges called it a draw.

Bout 10: LW Marcel Els vs. Allen Smith

Round 1: Another quick one for the books, with Allen Smith getting the quick win by submission to an Armbar.

Bout 11: WW Johan Bekker vs. Mark Kourie

Round 1: It looks like tonight might be an early night… Mark Kourie wasted no time in sinking a standing Guillotine choke & taking the win by Submission.

Bout 12: LW Ntumbe Claude vs. Jan Hendrik Booysen

Round 1: Ntumbe came out swinging & beat Jan Hendrik into submission within 20 seconds, to take the win by TKO!! Sweet & short!!

Bout 13: HW Delano Cotzer vs. Kevin Koekemoer

Round 1: They came out swinging, as one would expect of a good Heavyweight scrap. Neither men gave an inch, but it Kevin who was bloodied by the end of the round.

Round 2: The round started with some decent banging but they ran out of gas …. The majority of the rest of the round was spent in the ring, with Kevin working knee shots.

Round 3: The men were seriously gassed in this round & spent most of the round in the clinch, leaning on each other & throwing the occasional knee or body shot. It inevitably went to the judges, who gave it to Kevin Koekemoer, by Split Decision.

Bout 14: LW Jennifer Bothma vs. Shanna Power

Round 1: This is turning out to be the night of the 1-rounders!! Shanna Power, cornered by 3 EFC champs, took the win by Submission to a Rear Naked Choke, in 29 seconds!!

Bout 15: FW Sante Marie Venter vs. Natalie Ausmeier

Round 1: Santa came out, intending to stamp her authority on the fight, but Natalie had other ideas, giving about as good as she got, in the initial exchanges. In the clinch though, it was ALL Santa, working knees & body punches.

Round 2: Natalie tried to stand and trade blows…this was a mistake, as Santa rocked her with a hook & follwed her to the canvas, to sink a Guillotine Choke, to take the win by Submission.

Bout 16: LW Roedie Roets vs. Cole Henning

Round 1: This one was almost over before it began, when Cole dropped Roedie with a Massive right hook. Roedie recovered but Cole nearly sunk a deep Guillotine choke. Roedie escaped, only to almost get caught by an armbar.

Round 2:This was definitely Roedie’s round! He landed an early combo, followed by a takedown. Once on the canvas, he dealt out some ferocious Ground & Pound.

Round 3: Roedie took it to the ground again & dominated the ground game, before taking the win by TKO, due to Ground and Pound.

Bout 17:  Bantamweight Title fight – JD van der Merwe vs. JP Buys

Round 1:JP dropped JD in the opening exchange, but was unable to finish him off!! The tables quickly turned, with JD sinking no less than 3 armbars in the round!!

Round 2: This was almost a carbon copy of the previous round, with JP rocking JD & following him to the canvas. There was 1 notable difference…Even though JD attempted another armbar, JP relentlessly rained down ground & pound with his free hand, to take the win by TKO. Your NEW Bantamweight Champ, JP Buys!!

Bout 18: WW Francois Strydom vs. JP van Rooyen

Round 1: JP rocked Francois in the 1st exchange & followed him, slamming him to the canvas! The stood pretty quickly though, with JP looking for another takedown. They were separated & Francois made the rookie mistake of turning his back on his opponent. JP wasted no time & rushed him, swinging wildly. They went to ground, where JP got the mount & layed down vicious Ground & Pound, to take the win & the Fightstar Welterweight Title by TKO.

Bout 19: LHW Niel du Plessis vs. Merrick Bengis

Round 1: WOW!!!! What a round!!! Niel attempted 2 Guillotine Chokes & a Bulldog Choke, but Merrick managed to escape them all. It was clearly Niel’s round though, as all Merrick managed to do, was defend.

Round 2: It started out looking like Merrick’s round, when he got the takedown, but he wasn’t able to capitalize. Niel soon gained the upper hand by sweeping him & taking his back.

Round 3: A third round to Niel….Merrick just looked careless & wild, letting Niel capitalize on silly mistakes.

Round 4: A far better round by Merrick. He got an early takedown and proceeded to take his back, before pounding on him. Niel eventually escaped & attempted a North-South choke, but couldn’t sink it.

Round 5: Merrick put up a better performance in this round too. Although both men were clearly exhausted, they still gave it their all. Merrick got the takedown of the round & Niel was just not able to reassert his dominance. They unfortunately left the decision to the judges. The winner & new Fightstar LHW Champ, Merrick Bengis, by Majority decision.

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