EFC 36: Live Play by Play

Bout 1 : LW – Alain Ilunga vs. Conrad Seabi

Round 1: After a brief striking exchange in the beginning, Ilunga took it to the ground & nearly locked in an armbar, which Seabi was lucky to escape. When they stood, however, it was Seabi who looked to gain the upper hand & stalked Ilunga, controlling the cage well.

Round 2: Ilunga kept to his gameplan & took it to the ground, where he he little trouuble in locking in a Triangle Choke for the win by Submission.

Bout 2 : WW – Pietie Coxen vs. Cameron Pritchard

Round 1: That was short, sweet & surprising….especially for Coxen. Pritchard took it to the ground early on but it was Coxen that made the 1st attempt at an Armbar, which Pritchard escaped with relative ease.

Coxen tried to stand it but Pritchard had other ideas & took it straight back down & landing in side control. From there, he locked in an Arm Triangle, to take the win by Submission.

Bout 3 : FW – Koba Iokobidze vs. Kanyeba Anicet

Round 1: This 1 was even quicker than bout2!! Koba landed a quick 1-2 combo then shot for the Takedown. Once on the ground, he quickly gained Anicet’s back & locked in a Rear Naked Choke, for the win by Submission.

Bout 4 : FW – Mthobisi Buthelezi vs. Tshilomba Mulumba

Round 1: A bit of a back & forth round, with both men landing decent strikes. When they went to ground, Buthelezi attempted a Guillotine Choke

Round 2: At 1st, Mulumba was landing good combos, but seemed to tire midway through the round. Buthelezi took advantage & stalked him around the cage, landing numerous jabs. Late on, though, Mulumba got his tail up & managed some great counter-punching.

Round 3: Even though Mulumba looked gassed, he still managed to weather the storm that Buthelezi sent his way, with more hard counter-punching & a few Takedown attempts, of which only 1 was successful. About halfway through the round, Buthelezi landed one of THEE hardest body kicks EVER seen & this seemed to further deflate Mulumba. In the end, however, it was left to the judges who gave it to Buthelezi by Split Decision.

Bout 5 : Catchweight – Cameron Meintjies vs. Charl Hurter

Round 1: Meintjies took the fight on short notice, due to another fighter pulling out through injury. After some initial jitters & catching a few early shots, he quickly gained the upper hand on the ground, getting full mount & unleashing a sustained period of Ground & Pound.

Round 2: These 2 held nothing back & engaged early. It was Hurter who landed 1st, but caught his own telling right, as they went to the ground, with Meintjies gaining mount & laying down more Ground & Pound again. Hurter managed to escape but quickly found himself in a Rear Naked Choke & was forced to tap out, giving Meintjies the win by Submission.

Bout 6 : HW – Michael Vermeulen vs. Sors Grobbelaar

Round 1: If you blinked, you missed it! Michael charged in from the get-go & laid into Sors with uninhibited brutality. Sors was able to weather the initial onslaught & even traded punches well, but in the end, Vermeulen’s tactic of throwing as many punches as possible in as short a space of time, worked. Vermeulen took the win by TKO in under 2 minutes!

Bout 7 : MW – Gareth Sawyer vs. Warren Allison

Round 1: Warren scored an early takedown & gained the mount from there, but Gareth managed to not take much damage while trapped there, even though he spent most of there.

Round 2: In the blink of an eye…it was over…Gareth went in for a takedown, but Warren had other plans & landed an incredibly accurate right, to knock Gareth out & take the win by KO.

Bout 8 : BW – Oumpie Sebeko vs. Marino Cutendana

Round 1: Marino went straight in for the kill!! Striking first & following that up with a quick takedown, he gained the advantage very fast & locked in an horrible Armbar. Oumpie was able to eventually roll out, but got caught in a leg triangle & that was the end for him. He was forced to tap out, giving Marino the win by Submission.

Bout 9 : FW – Nkazimulu Zulu vs. Francois Groenewald

Round 1: WOW!!! What a round!!! Francois tried for a Takedown but it was Zulu who got in ther 1st & he nearly gor Francois’ back too! Francois managed to escape & stand, only to take it back down again & stick to Zulu’s back for the remainder of the round. Zulu, however, managed to defend no less than 3 Rear Naked Choke attempts.

Round 2: This 1 was even more frenetic than the last!!! Francois only managed a successful Takedown on his 3rd attempt & he took significant punishment in getting it. On the ground, even though Fraqncois had the superior skill, Zulu was just too strong, breaking out of submission attempt after submission attempt. Zulu opened a nasty cut on the side of Francois’ head before the end of the round, but Francois showed incredible heart & weathered everything that Zulu threw at him.

Round 3: The intensity just escalated & escalated!! Again, they clashed from the get-go, with Zulu rocking Francois early on & narrowly missing with a follow-up flying knee. When Francois took it to the ground, Zulu refused to stay there, choosing instead to punish the prone Francois with vicious kicks from standing, not letting him stand without paying for the priveledge. When Francois did stand, it was just to take more punishment from Zulu’s incredibly quick hands. He was stunned more than once in the round, but still kept going forward, looking to go to the ground & grind out a submission win. In the end, though, it went to the judges & they gave the win unanimously to Nkazimulu Zulu.

 Bout 10 : LW – Igeu Kabesa vs. Barend Nienaber

Round 1: Igeu spent the round working leg, body & head kicks, while Barend was content to mostly counter-punch. Neither gaining a clear advantage.

Round 2: Igeu forced Barend to chase him down if he wanted a takedown or any meaningful engagement. Igeu managed to frustrate Barend’s gameplan for the whole round, defending his takedown attempts & staying mostly out of range.

Round 3: The round started with a horrendous knee to Igeu’s groin, which forced a timeout for him to recover. When they resumed, however, Igeu looked as fresh as he did in the 1st round, while Barend looked more frustrated. When they went to the ground, it was invariably because of them slipping, rather than because Barend’s takedowns were successful. And when there, Igeu seemed the stronger. It still went to the judges though, who gave the win to Igeu, by Unanimous Decision.

Bout 11 : WW – Dino Bagattin vs. Gordon Roodman

Round 1: There’s no love lost between these 2, as was evident from them not touching gloves at the start. Both men came to hurt the other. Dino rocked Gordon with a right, but Gordon was quick to reply with his own 1-2 combo. Gordon looked like he wanted to end the fight with a 1 punch KO, whereas Dino worked his combos.

Round 2: They came out swinging but Gordon slipped in the encounter & Dino wasn’t going to be asked twice…He pounced on Gordon & finished him off with vicious Elbow from side control, to take the win by TKO.

Bout 12 : FW Title Bout – Boyd Allen vs. Wade Groth

Round 1: It was over almost before it even started…Wade score the 1st contact but Boydwas the one who made it count, dropping Wade with a right hook outta nowhere! Wade, to his credit, stood straight back up, but the damage had been done. Boyd took it to the ground & took Wade’s back, where he sunk a deep Rear Naked Choke, to take the win by Submission, & Retaining the EFC Worldwide Featherweight Title.


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