EFC 35 SA Media MMA Rankings

“We have reached the third rankings for South African MMA and we have now moved to a total of ten contributors, as we welcome Flux Mag!

The Ranking Contributors:

  • CageSide – Twitter: @CageSideSA
  • MMAGang – Twitter: @MMAGang
  • Muay Guy – Twitter: @MuayGuyBlog
  • PrettyTuffZa – Twitter: @PrettyTuffZA
  • Smacktalk – Twitter: @Smacktalkcoza
  • MMA Blog South Africa – Twitter: @MMABlogSA
  • LW Mag – Twitter: @LW_Mag
  • MMAFundi – Twitter: @MMAFundi
  • MMA Talk – Twitter: @TalkingMMA
  • FLUX Mag – Twitter: @FLUX_Mag

Losing a title and unbeaten streak has cost Gideon Drotschie dearly, not only has he plummeted off the Pound for Pound list completely, he also drops to second on the rankings behind Tumelo Maphutha. With the announced rematch taking place due to the unfortunate unintentional foul he has the opportunity to reclaim what he believes is his. Norman Wessels also has a chance to cement or climb in the rankings if he manages another total dominating victory like this past one, so it will be interesting to see what happens.

The Light Heavyweight division has had the most movement in this ranking iteration, and with there being no Middleweight fights at EFC 35 there is no movement in this division.

Elvis Moyo has had the biggest climb after his win, and moves up three places in the Heavyweight rankings while Peter Queally debuts straight in the rankings after his win over the returning Francious Kabulu.

The panel has full consensus that both Don Madge (lW) and Andrew van Zyl (HW) are the undisputed number one contenders in their respective divisions.

We have seven fighters dropping out of the rankings completely:

  • Craig Ninow (BW)
  • Brendon Katz (FW)
  • Regis Muyambo (LW)
  • Darren Daniel (MW) – (also his last month for eligibility as he last fought 23 November 2012)
  • Sean Robinson (LHW)
  • Wesley Hawkey & Gideon Drotschie (Pound for Pound)

The following previously unranked fighters have now moved up into the rankings:

  • Peter Nyide (FW)
  • Luke Michael (LW)
  • Peter Queally & Francois Kabulu (WW)
  • Norman Wessels & Irshaad Sayed (Pound for Pound)





New amendments to the rankings:

The +/- column now indicates movement in rankings.

NR = Not previously ranked.

C = Champion


Ranking Methodology:

  • The current EFC champion will always be ranked at the top of their weight class. (No other Promotions have champions, rankings methodology to be updated once scenario is reached)
  • The fighters nominated will be ranked from #1 Contender to #5.
  • The weighting scale applied is as follows: The number one contender will be allocated 10 points, second will be allocated 8 points etc. all the way down to 2 points for the fifth fighter.
  • Where the total scores are even for any fighters, a decider is invoked in this order of priority:
    1. Current Win Streak Total (if valid)
    2. Previous fight between them result (if valid)
    3. Previous Title Fight or Champion

If all above cannot provide resolution, a separate vote will be taken between the submitters, if that is still even then the total EFC fight record win/loss ratio takes effect as the decider. If that still fails a coin toss will occur.

Weight Division Ranking Criteria:

  • Fighter must have fought in the previous 24 months.
  • Fighter can only be ranked in one weight class, their primary one.
  • Fighter cannot be ranked in a new weight class, unless at least one fight has taken place at that weight. Exceptions do apply in certain case by case scenarios.
  • Missed weight does not count as a new weight class qualifier.
  • There can only be one fighter per ranking in a weight class, Pound for Pound can allow a ranking to be shared.

Pound for Pound Ranking Criteria:

  • Fighter must have fought in the previous 24 months.
  • Only five fighters to be submitted for Pound for Pound list, a fighter does not need to be a champion to be nominated for this list
  • Same weighting scale to be applied to this list as per above.

We are planning on producing the rankings after every MMA event.”


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