Finish Friday 41 – Heavy right handers

knife KO Ricky misholas

Its been quite a while since I have done a finish Friday post but since EFC Africa has given us 2 pretty awesome KO fights for free on youtube, I felt it was rather appropriate. I also got both these fight predictions wrong so this is a way to make it up to you guys. Although, EFC head honchos guys, can’t you give us the Don Madge vs Boyd Allan fight pretty please? You know the fans will go crazy for that fight! Anyway, lets not take away from the 2 awesome KOs below.

First off we have Knife vs Ricky Misholas in a heavyweight bout. Ricky is known for his 1 punch KO power and well, not much about Knife at this point. Now we all do and will be interesting to see how he matches up against former Title contender Sors Grobelaar at EFC32.


Next is the fight of the night between Wade Groth vs Alex Cheboub.from EFC 29. While a messy fight at times as Cheboub often makes it, it worked to be his undoing. After catching Groth with one of his spinning back kicks, he got caught with a big overhand right. Just all round super entertaining.

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