Lessons in Life from Boxing: Join the Good Fight. Not the Easy One.

Lesson 2


As a women I tend to say sorry way too much and in boxing class I was moaned at for saying sorry after hitting a guy square in the face.

Let me elaborate though- I’ve been having a hard time feeling amped, yet I still went to boxing, now after 4 months I just feel like it’s what I do, not because I have to or I’ll feel bad if I don’t. So even though I was feeling indifferent about my day I felt like boxing class would be good but it wasn’t. Well it was, but emotionally I was not ready. I was not ready for a fierce opponent. I was not ready for sparring. I was not ready but I was there and just had to be.

I was paired with a girl whose intentions in the class is to actually compete, I was paired with a girl who I used to study fashion design with, I was paired with a girl whose ends of her boxing gloves had smiley faces… Yes this was all the same girl.

Sadly how I didn’t have the balls to blast my bright red gloves in her face, and what’s even worse is getting whammed in the face with sarcastically drawn smiley faces on yellow and green gloves but then having the trainer swop partners (probably because he could hear the faint ‘eeeeps’ I was throwing in the air)… Now I was happy to have swopped partners but now I had this guy who didn’t want to hit me too hard in the chin, instead he sort of poked me on the forehead with the end of his glove, that just made me feel stupid.

The next round of sparring I had Mike (the owner of the PFA) all up in my face about how tragic I was. “Just hit him, don’t stop to counter”. Well now that I have the trainer, the owner and other spectators observing my “technique”, might as well do what I am told right. When WHAM! I hit him in the nose… my immediate response was to throw my palms in the air and say “oh sorry”, which was followed by Mike yelling at me “don’t say sorry! Just hit him, If you make him bleed I will be impressed”

That is when it actually hit me… These trainers and classmates all come here for the same reason and that is for a good fight and not an easy fight. Train the people around, help them get better so they don’t look silly with chicken wings and awkward foot movements. So for life, for work, for love, join the good fight not the easy one.

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