Try this at home

try this at home

Actually don’t guys, that would be negligent and well simply put; stupid. In fact, don’t do any of these things even under supervision unless you feel like being submitted to the Darwin Awards. I saw one of these vids in my facebook timeline and it reminded me of some others and felt it was a special something to be shared for a Thursday laugh.

First is the classic “Wall sparring with Whitemaster”. I have several questions that come to mind about this video and its existence. 1) Why hit walls when you can hit a tree or jump in front of a car or anything like that. (Please note I have never seen or actually heard of Thai’s kicking trees for condition, fighting once a week from the age of 7 is generally enough condition) 2) This ‘Whitemaster’ does not look like he has broken a sweat in training ever in his life. Also, I have never heard a Thai call them selves Master/Kru/Ajarn. Maybe some do, but I have not met them yet. 3) While the colour description might be accurate why call yourself that, what does race have to do with anything? 4) This one seems to be a recurring theme, but why are they always wearing their Prajied and Mongkol?  5) “first year:1:making ‘horse position'(kiba-dachi,ma bu,na san ecc.) for 20 minutes; 10 minutes of relax,respiration and some body twist.2:making ‘pray position’ (tu-li) for 10 minutes of leg and 10 minutes of relax.” I could be mistaken, but those are Kung Fu terms?

Next is the Ginger Ninja with the not so “Secret Muay Thai boxing Elbows for defence combat”. Again, he is a ‘master’ and is wearing traditional fighting ornaments outside of the ring….. One thing he is doing differently is he at least managed to watch Ong Bak and got some ideas from that. Thsi guy has some sublte quotes that are actually quite brilliant, but the most noticeable one is: I call it a flapping chicken wing” when referring to a double ‘elbow strike’ . Last time I check, elbows are the pointy boney parts of your arms and not the soft skin just below your bicep.

Lastly is a grappling self defence video if you will, aptly titled: Wing Tsun: 5 responses to a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Takedown. Now I do to know much about Win Tsun or any form of Kung Fu, but being the small guy I am, preventing takedowns i think I am mildly decent at. Last time I check its pretty imperitive to not be standing upright and flat footed and just let them take your legs. I suppose it works ina controlled environment when someone is not actually trying to take you down, but more hug your leg slightly aggressively.

I must apologize, I am in a super trolling type mood today and please take me in jest if I have offended you. However, If you have any more videos like these, please share them. Everyone need s a good laugh.

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