EBMAS Self Defence Seminar

Core Martial Arts and The World of Martial arts are proud to announce:
Master Dai-Si-fu Emin Boztepe the founder of EBMAS (Emin Boztepe Martial Arts System) will be in South Africa and is offering a very special exclusive self defence 2 day seminar exploring Wing Tzun Techniques with his superior additions to the fighting style. Which will include anti-rape, hand to hand combat and tactical weapons.

The event will be on the 30th May (6pm-10pm) and the 31st of May (9am-6pm)
Cost: R500 for the whole seminar (Includes breakfast, lunch, snacks and beverages)
Venue: Lifestyle Christian Church, Kimberley Street, Goodwood.
Event will be sponsored by Herbalife, Oasis and Shen Sports.


The friendly people at EBMAS have generously given me 1 ticket (valued at R500!) to give away to this seminar. Winning is easy, just follow the simple instructions below. I will announce the winner on Wednesday 29th May 2013:

1) Click ‘Attending’ on the event page on Facebook here.

2) Like and follow Muay Guy on Facebook and Twitter respectively.

3) Answer this question below in the comments section: What was Bruce Lee’s first style of Martial Arts that he learnt?

*PS: Sharing & tweeting this post will definitely help your chances of winning

**** Winner****


The winner is David Cohen. I will email you all the details. Congratulations!

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