Interview with Vuyisile ‘The Cheetah” Colossa

Vuyisile ‘The Cheetah’ Colossa has been competing in Mauythai and MMA around the world and repsresenting South Africa for many years now. I had the pleasure of first meeting him in Bangkok, Thailand at the press conference for the KIngs Cup in 2010. He has been featured in both Enfusion season 1 and The Challanger Muaythai season 1. He trains out of Hong Kong and Elite Boxing in Bangkok. He has been competing in MMA but recently returned to the Muaythai ring against Brazilian standout Thiago Teixeira where he lost a close points decision. Have a read at what he had to say in my interview with him.

What is your fight record?

Kick-boxing & Muaythai Record: 51 Fights ,32 wins, 19 Losses, 17 KO
MMA Record:  9 Fights ,5 wins ,4 Losses ,3 KO

You are the first South African that I am interviewing. So I need to ask this, how does it feel to be representing your country on the highest level in Muaythai & MMA?

I guess I am honored , be the most likely one and the only South African representing my country at this level.

Where in South Africa are you from?

Originally my family we from Eastern Cape eNgcobo, I grow up in Thabong Welkom in the Free State, that where I started training back in 1998. Now my family is residing in Soweto Protea.

How did you get into martial arts and then fighting professionally?

I always wanted to do kick-boxing from watching the movies, that’s where everything started. Then i became a pro fighter in 2001!


What is your favourite technique?

I love left hook, and the Jab. those two are deadly techniques.


Vusi on the right with some of the Muaythai Challenger contestants

What titles do you hold and what are some of your biggest achievements?

I hold WMC muay thai against drugs 2011 Champion, I-1 WMC Grand Slam 2011 World Champion, WulingFeng ( WLF China) 2010 World Champion, Former PKC middle weight Champion.

What are your thoughts on the growth of Muaythai and MMA?

Muay thai and MMA around the world nobody is not familiar with the two sports, MMA is growing bigger than boxing today.


How do you feel South Africa is is growing in MMA and Muaythai respectively?

MMA and Muaythai is growing in SA, as a South African living abroad is really proud to see.

OK let’s get a little more specific. Last time I met you was at the Kings Cup 2010 in bangkok in celebration of His Majesty the King’s birthday press conference. I had been several times before, but that was probably the most significant event for me as a South African. How did it feel to be the first South African, that I know of, to be representing the country on that level?

 It was a eye opener for most of my fellow South African, since not many knew who I was or what I have done ! Those who did it didn’t matter to them cause of their own pride. I am proud to say that raising my flag to all the championship events and bouts , I am making the South African history cause no one has done it like i did!!

You faced Yodsanklai at the event in the first round. You were 2 losses for 1 win against him and this was to be the 4th time for you to face him. How do you prepare to fight someone you have faced several times prior; especially after having lost twice already?

It was a draw so I wasn’t planing to meet him on the first go, just because he was the only Thai in the tournament also the favorite . I knew it was going to be hard to beat him on that night.

Tell us about your experience in the challenger house. What was it like living amongst so many talented fighters?

Being in the challenger house , it was finally it a time to meet other great fighters i used to watch and also I was one of them and making history , our show it was a nominee on the Amy awards it came second after the Amazing Race.


Would you say this was a very big learning experience with great exposure?

It was a learning experience , exposure I don’t know.

You just fought a tough fight in Singapore against Brazilian Thiago Texiera, where you lost on a points decision. How was that fight, especially seeing as that was your first Muaythai fight in a long while.

The fight I took it only on one week notice it went to split point decision , even though I thought i won and the crowned also , I guess i needed a KO.


I remember you mentioning on Facebook about ring rust, do you feel it has a large affect on one’s ability in the ring?

I have been training even thou not competing in Muay thai ring rust was not able to do what i need to do. I was thinking about it instead.


What is next for you, another fight?

Now I am back in training the future their is no limit , I am preparing for more historic fights.


Tell us about your white collar MMA programme you are running in Hong Kong.

The White Collar MMA Championship, is for the A select group of Asia’s business professionals have come together to face their greatest physical challenge. Each of these professionals – bankers, business directors, doctors, lawyers will train and compete in boxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and Muay Thai with the hopes of becoming a finalist in the mixed martial arts main event.

Its for the good cause , the event raises funds for charities, this time we had two charities from SA children of fire and tiger kloof. more info on


Are there any fighters from SA that you believe are up and coming that could represent?

I know SA has a great talent of fighters for sure anytime soon few will raise .

I’m sure there are a lot of fans locally that want to see you fight live. Will we ever get to see this happen?

I would love to come back home to fight in front of my fans , is been a while.

Lastly a big thank you for taking your time to answer my questions. Any last thoughts or thanks before we sign off?

Thank you for the interview, I would like to be interviewed a bit more so i can able to change or inspire someone back home.

Proudly South African.



Vuyisile ‘The Cheetah’ Colossa has a facebook fan page you can like and keep up to date with his careeer.

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