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Pretty Tuff is an online MMA lifestyle magazine dedicated to bringing the latest  MMA, and other fighting news and views from around the world.With talented female superstars entering the pro arena of UFC at a rapid rate and  a huge part of the MMA audience now being made of women, the fairer sex is no longer only present at MMA events in the form of reluctant girlfriends and ring girls. We  love the sport and we know what we’re talking about!While written mostly by ladies, this magazine is for anyone who shares a love for the fighting arts, health and fitness. Expect honest reviews and recommendations on the latest in training, products, supplements and health news coupled with up to date coverage of the pro local and international scene- and of course up close and personal exclusive interviews with some of MMA’s biggest legends- all with a touch of PINK

Muaythai on the Brain – Melissa Ray

I am a Muay Thai fanatic with a CV that includes 4 world titles and a PhD in Neuroscience. After taking up the sport in my early twenties I quickly became hooked, and in 2006 I travelled to Thailand to pursue my dream of training in Muay Thai’s spiritual home. I have spent the best part of 7 years in the land of smiles and had some amazing experiences, both in and out of the ring. After a couple of serious injuries my fight career might be over; however, I remain an avid follower of all things Muay Thai-related. Please read my blog for musings on events and experiences in the world of Muay Thai.



Muay Farang blog is an useful portal of information on Muay Thai World and it narrates the adventures o the MF team which is made up of young fighters who live and train in Thai, having Mathias Gallo Cassarino as their leader. Muay Farang also promotes all fighter who have got plenty of determination and the will to fight. For info check our page.

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