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MMA fanatic, amateur MMA commentator, serial entrepreneur, Twitter sniper, devoted husband, recovering couchaholic, Pitbull advocate. The definition of passion for what you do? Stepping into a cage or ring, knowing full-well that you're going to get hit in the face for the next 15 - 25 minutes & being excited about it... "... it ain’t about how hard you hit. It’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward; how much you can take and keep moving forward. That’s how winning is done!" - Rocky Balboa

EFC 32: Live Play by Play

EFC 32 fight card

Bout 1 : Bantamweight:  Oumpie Sebeko VS Boney Bukaka 60.60kg Round 1: Sebeko kicked off his debut with a bang…or rather a banging, laying into Bukaka with abandon!! Bukaka weathered the storm though & had the edge on the ground. Continue reading

EFC 31: Live Play by Play

  Bout 1: Featherweight boutSizwe Mnikathi VS Tumisang Madiba  Round 1: Well… one wouldn’t say that they’re both debutants!! From an early striking exchange, they went to ground, with the dominance changing from Madiba with an atempted RNC & then an Continue reading

EFC 29: Live Play by Play

Henry Fadipe and welterweight champion Dino Bagattin (right), face-off

UNDER-CARD 1) MBULELO SWEKILE 65.5kg vs. TYSON CHELIN 65.75kg Round 1: They started out by trading, with Chelin mostly keeping Swekile at bay. When they went to ground, it was Chelin again, who dominated, but he narrowly escaped a guilotine Continue reading