Medical report from EFC 33


Bernard Mikixi’s head with a cut from elbows.

Another event and as usual with the sports we love there are injuries involved and medial suspensions to be handed out Quite a few disciplinary actions that are being handed out too. But I guess this is something that needs to happen to help grow the sport in a professional manner.


Post event medical suspensions

Matthew Buirski: Medically suspended until cleared by a doctor to fight due to laceration inside the eyelid.

Bernardo Mikixi: Medically suspended until results of x-ray have been presented and cleared by a doctor to fight.

Jeremy Smith: 45 days medical suspension with no contact due to TKO

Martin van Staden: Medical suspension until cleared to fight by a doctor for dislocated foot.

Dricus du Plessis: 30 day cautionary medical suspension until cleared to fight by a doctor due to loss of consciousness.

Post event disciplinary action

Donavin Hawkey’s Corner – Wesley Hawkey: Suspended from cornering for 90 days and is penalized R1000. He disobeyed the outside corner official’s instructions, used inappropriate language and communicated with the opposition athlete directly during the bout.

Luke Michael’s Corner – Rico Hattingh: A warning for climbing over the top of the hexagon. Any further misconduct will result in an immediate suspension as well as possible financial penalties towards the athlete he is cornering.

Jeremy Smith’s Corner – Nick du Randt: Final warning for not obeying the officials instructions. Any further misconduct to not obeying the officials instruction will result in suspension and a possible penalty to the athlete he is cornering.

Martin van Staden and Garreth McLellan’s Corner – Richard Quan: Suspended from cornering for 30 days. He entered the hexagon on both fights before the medics/outside corner had cleared the corner to enter the hexagon. Any further infringement will result in a lengthier suspension and possible financial penalty to the athlete he is cornering.

Before any athletes corner may enter the hexagon, It is procedure for the initial medical assessment to be done by the event doctor in the hexagon immediately after the bout is finished.

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