Cape Fight League Results

Mordechai Serraf with the Armbar - Pic by SnapsportMedia

Mordechai Serraf with the Armbar – Pic by SnapsportMedia

Cape Fight League 7, what can I say? Well for me personally it was an incredible experience as I had my debut MMA fight. And without getting into, to put it simply. It is not Muaythai. That is all.

In terms of the event itself. It was a very long night with quite a few very entertaining fights. Definitely fight of the night for me was Endi Pegado vs Hishaam Kamish in a k1 bout. Juts wow guys, just wow. Neither backed down and just kept dishing out everything they could to the point that the judges after 4 rounds could not decide ona  victor and had to go and extra round. As gassed as they were for going full out for 4 rounds, they gave it more. Even though he lost on decision, I was so impressed with Hishaam’s performance. The dude has become an inspiration and definitely gave me more heart to fight my fight. So thank you dude!

Some other noteworthy performances was Gideon Drotchie’s younger brother Hermias in his debut MMA fight. He faced a very tough Block Kabanda and walked out with the TKO victory in round 3. Submission of the night for me was Mordi Serraf (pictured above) with a super slick armbar. After taking some big shots standing he slipped this beauty of armbar on and got the ‘W’. Josh Light’s KO of Juan Logrietta was simply brutal! Our thoughts are with Juan for his recovery, he has suffered 2 broken vertebrae and a concussion. But is healthy and recovering, we spoke to him yesterday afternoon.

There was one incident that I was rather upset about but had to put it out of mind till now. During one of the kickboxing fights, there was an athlete that was clearly dominating the fight. I did not see what he got caught with, must have been a kick or knee, but he put his hand up and grasping, with his other hand, ribs just below is arm pit. This should signify a verbal submission or giving up. Even his opponent stepped back and didn’t want to engage. However, the referee seemed to completely ignore what was going on and told them to fight. The injured fighter just stood there and dropped from being hit cleanly while he could not protect himself. The referee is there to protect the fighter and this should be investigated and the sanctioning body should take action for this. There is a difference if a fighter is standing and swaying and defending himself to one standing back with his arm raised and holding onto himself.

Overall the event itself was a lot of fun and continues to get better every event, although the size of the card was a bit dauntingly big and by the time the main events were on many fans seemed a bit fatigued. But it is a definite must attend for the next one if you are in Cape Town in November.

CFL 7 Results:

1) Kyle pulls out and Raiden awarded the win.
2)  Gerry Herhardt defeats Dewaldt Pretorius  via submission in rnd 2
3) Rafiel Wazniack defeats Mathew Reymer via unanimous decision.
4) Loyiso Mabutsane defeats Nizaam via KO in rnd 1.
5) Steven Keyter defeats Patric Neadu via unanimous decision.
6) Monique Morrison defeats Anelda Williams via unanimous decision.
7) Steve Nwasu defeats Kobus Smit via submission in rnd 1.
8) Luke Skinner defeats Sherwin vd Westhuizen via unanimous decision.
9) Armand Scheepers defeats Steven Keyters via Armbar in rnd 1.
10) Kyle Boatwright defeats Ross Church via armbar in rnd 1.
11) Sipho Mode defeats Dwama Fafa via RNC rnd 1.
12) Ian defeats Duane Jones via RNC in rnd 1.
13) Hermias Drotschie defeated Block Kabanda via TKO in rnd 3.
14) Shaun MacWayne defeats Theo Engelbrecht via TKO in rnd 1.
15) Mbusu Mgwabe defeats Ashley Robinson via TKO in rnd 2.
16) Endi Pegado defeats Hishaam Kamish via unanimous decision in extra 5h round.
17) Bongani Ngceshe defeats Jermemiah Joshua via DQ.
18) Qaasim Coetzee defeats Josh Ignatovic via guillotine in rnd 2.
19) Thuthando Biko defeats Guy Lazarus via unanimous decision.
20) Mordechai Serraf defeats Rui Monteriro via Armbar in rnd 1.
21) Josh Light defeats Juan Logrietta via KO.
22) Robert Harris defetas JP Melim via Keylock.
23) Zeeke Norris defeats Mathew Marais via unanimous decision.

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I am a South African Nak Mauy with a keen interest in MMA and combat sports in general. I run to give the world of fighting a South African Nak Muay's perspective. I have been competing in Martial Arts since the age of 7 with some success having come 3rd at IFMA World Championships and have my provincial colours for Judo. One day I will grow up and relinquish my dream of being world champion, but not yet...

5 thoughts on “Cape Fight League Results

  1. Thanks for the write up Guy. Yes it wad a long day for me too and a very emotionally draining one when Hishaam lost that epic battle with Endi. They deserved a draw for that battle. As far as the fight with the injured K1 fighter the referee should most definitely have stepped in before the last punch. Wpka will have a discussion about it and make point to rectify.

    • Glad to hear it Gary! But I don’t want one issue to take away from a brilliant event Props to you and the team and thank you for haing me on the card.

  2. Hello Guy,

    Thank you for the quick summary,I agree with you fully on the fight of the night … both guys put on a great show, displaying passion about what they do.

    With regard to the results, I wanted to make you aware of one detail (probably as it relates to myself): The 2nd fight ended completely different. Gerry Gerhardt defeated Dewaldt Pretorius via Submission in Round 1. Not sure where you got the information from, but that seems like a mixup.

    • Hi Gerry,

      The results were given to me as above. Will amend asap. i do remember you winning your fight, but had to rely on other sources as I was focused on my own fight that night and couldn’t keep track. Congrats on the win again! :)

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