The Enigma that is Shaun De Lange

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So there is this guy from Cape Town by the name of Shaun De Lange. A few have seen him fight once or twice in the EFC and fewer still have heard his name until now. We live in a world where self marketing and social media has become such a commodity that when someone decides to not participate, we look at them with suspicion. This is something that has roused quite a lot of attention of Shaun of late. Everyone wants to know who he is and why he refuses to conform to society’s status quot. To find this out and what else makes him tick, kick, punch and choke keep reading.

Hi Shaun thank you in advance for taking time out of your busy schedule to chat to us, I know this is not your usual style.

MG: So for those that do not know you that well, take us back; how did you get into MMA and some of the highlights of your journey so far?

“Started training MMA at age 16. A friend of mine showed me UFC 1 back when it was still 1 style vs another and bare-knuckles ofcourse. I was so suprised to see how royce gracie, far smaller than the guys he was fighting, was able to completely control them on the ground. Next day my friend took me with to jiu jitsu class at leviathans Den and the rest is history. One of my highlights so far is definitly my first cage fight. I remember walking to the cage with a smile thinking i was throughen around and got my ass kicked by guys much bigger than my opponent in preparing for the fight. I caught him with a guilotine late into the first round.”


MG: How has the progression from amateur and fighting for the love of to professional and fighting for money in front of a massive crowd been?

“My goal was always to make it pro, and now the money is just an added incentive. Money makes its much easier to put more time into learning and training as i dont need to get a job to support my fighting.”


MG: What else do you do to fill time between fights and training sessions?

“I go on hikes, i surf reguraly. I really enjoy being in the outdoors. I see my friends, and tour SA etc.”


MG: In today’s climate, being active in a diital sense has become somewhat of a necessity; especialy in as it has played such a massive part of growing the MMA communities wiorld wide. So the big question that many people have been asking is why no social media for Shaun De Lange?

“Well basically all that it is, is i just dont have time to sit and blog reguraly. My lifestyle is very busy.”

MG: How can fans follow what you are doing?

“They can follow Lethal Edge MMA, on fb, twitter and their website for my updates.”


MG: Looking towards your upcoming fight with Gordan Roodman, do you have any specific strategy that you will be employing?

“No real strategy, just finish the fight. Come fight night, Im just there to get him before he gets me”

MG: I noticed your head trainer has been growing a rather large beard & heard there was a story behind it, wanna tell us what that is about?

“Hahaha yea Dean grows it until he feels i have pushed hard enough to prepare for a fight and will cut it when i am fight fit. Thats dedication”


MG: Besides for winning this fight, what do you hope to accomplish as a professional MMA athlete? Who would your dream fight be against?

“Im just going to keep going on this fighting journey and who knows where this will take me… Nobody in perticular that i want to fight, probly GSP. Like i have always said i want to fight the best.”


MG: During a fight, you always seem to have a smile/smirk on your face, whats with this. Is it your happy place or you just doing it to throw off opponents?

“Haha yes its partly because i enjoy being in the cage, and partly because when im relaxed i suppose theres a smile on my face. Do know that im not trying to smile, it just happens i guess haha”


MG: Many peeps in the MMA community have noticed a stark improvement as of late in your all round game. What would you attribute this to?

“Way i see it is im always trying to improve. My coaches however like to mix it up in training and they are forever adding new or different drills and techniques to training, it makes it really fun for all of us at training and its a challenge every time. So yea its really helped my style.”


MG: Any last thoughts, thanks or appreciations you would like to say?

“I want to give thanks to my coaching team: Dean Johnson, Earl Abrahams, Gary King, sparring partners and support from every1 who knows me and BOA jitsu! without them i wouldnt be where i am now. Bless your souls.”


Once again, thank you Shaun for your time in answering our questions. We wish you and all the guys weighing in today Chok Dee for your fights!

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