Results from Get in the Ring Cape Town

Michael Clacher kicking Endi Pegado at Get in The Ring

Pic by LisakAy Burnell

This was the first event for Nicholas Radley as a promoter and I must say he pulled off a great first event. Something that has been lacking in South Africa and probably more noticeably in Cape Town is a pure Stand up Striking event. In this respect, the Get in the Ring event really delivered. Lots of high action packed bouts, which had fight fans on the edge of their seats supporting their favourite athletes.

I might be a little bias for this event as I had my first fight in 3 years and well I won. *Happy dance* but from production to match ups and crowd support it was really unreal. To be honest I am still kind processing the whole night and lacking an ability to separate myself from the event to give an objective review. Some awesome pictures will have to do. See below.

I only managed to catch the fights after mine as I was busy with preparations as can be expected. There were two sets of performances that really impressed me. Firstly was Endi Pegado who was the victor of the 4 man tournament. He did exactly as he needed to and stuck to his game plan and controlling the 2 fights from the outside with his massive reach advantage. A very well deserved victory for him.

The second standout fight for me was the co-main event between Ludolf Pretorius and Gregory Gans. Gans mostly controlled the fights movement and outscoring and out manoeuvring Ludolf for the majority of every round. Luidolf managed to throw some very impressive spinning back round house kicks and nearly landed several times. Most impressive was Gans’ speedy kicks. He would manage to successfully throw two or even three leg kicks in a single explosion without receiving a response. Ludolf’s inside leg definitely showed the wear and tear from that. However, he soldiered on and in the middle of the fourth and final round scored a massive counter right that Gans struggled to get up from. Yet, somehow he managed to recover and hold off till the end of the fight to win on points.


Full Fight Results:

Ariel Mausenbaum def. Leon Gouws via unanimous decision.

Lee Thompson def. Armand Hugo via unanimous decision.

Amy Visser def. Louise Russow via TKO.

Bryce Johnston def. Hanno Husselmann via unanimous decision.

SEMI-FINAL 1:  Marco Goliath def. Steven Peters via unanimous decision.

SEMI-FINAL 2:  Endi Pegado def. Michael Clacher via TKO.

Mmiselo Mbabne def. Jasper Basson via unanimous decision.

Rafel Wazniak def. Chester Kruger via TKO.

Kurt Deist def. Stefan Maidwell via split decision.

Ashley Robinson def. Dane Cull via KO.

Guy Lazarus def. Leroy Ackers via unanimous decision.

Karl Bergmann def. Adrian van Wyk via split decision.

Gregory Gans defeated Ludolf Pretorius via unanimous decision.

FINAL: Endi Pegado def.Marco Goliath via unanimous decision.

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