Mother City Winter Open Results

Wade Henderson vs Matthew Taylor

On Saturday, Cape Town played host to the Mother City Winter Open. A Gi only brazilian  Jiu Jitsu tournament. It was great to see such a massive turn out with guys even flying down from Port Elizabeth and Johannesburg. Below are the full results from the days activities. I must say my personal favourite was the juniors with a little girl tapping all the bigger boys. Most enjoyable. Also just great to seeing how the sport is growing and the events are being better attended by competitors and just casual observers too.


MCWO 2014 Results:

Kids 7-8 Kids 9-10
1.Luke Fourie – West coast BJJ 1.Qasim Edross –Renzo Gracie Academy
2.Nadal            -Top Gym 2.Alrich               -West Coast BJJ
3.Aaron Jacobs –West Coast BJJ 3.Sam Lochoff   -West Coast BJJ
3.Rachel Johns –Renzo Gracie Academy 3.Rob jennens   -West Coast BJJ
Boys 11-12 Girls 10-12
1.Pierre Pienaar – CJA 1.Bobbi Brown – Renzo Gracie Academy
Qasim Edross      – Renzo Gracie Academy 2.Jenna Perrone – Renzo Gracie Academy
3.Xavier Swart   -West Coast BJJ
Girls 11-12 Lightweight Boys 10-13
1.Emma Saven  – West Coast BJJ 1.Liam Whittaker – DragonPower
2.Jody Glasgow – West Coast BJJ 2.Imtiyaaz Galmadien-Renzo Gracie Academy
Girls 13-15 Boys 14-15
1.Charlie Brown-Renzo Gracie Academy 1.Marco Krampe- Renzo Gracie Academy
2.Mayteng Cheng -Dragon Power 2.Joshua Mathiesen – CJA
3.Daniel Bartlett – REPS MMA
Females white Females Blue
1.Dorothy Dao – Renzo Gracie Academy 1.Jax Louw – Rio Grappling stellenbosch
2.Margaret Lester- Top Gym 2.Mira Blume – Renzo Gracie Academy
Females Absolute
1.Mira Blume-Renzo Gracie Academy
2.Jax Louw – Rio Grappling Stellenbosch
3.Dorothy Dao – Renzo Gracie Academy
White -64 white 64-70
1.Relic Wessels- Renzo Gracie Academy 1.Mohjoub Jirori- PFA
2.Faiek Abrahams – Renzo Gracie Academy 2.Tom Maybanks – Impakt
3.Dei-Juan Timm – PFA 3.Cleyde Luis – Renzo Gracie Academy
White 70-76 White 76-82
1.Dale Alexander – Renzo Gracie Academy 1.Joel Aron – PFA
2.Neish Coullie – Renzo Gracie Academy 2.Kyle Whittaker -Dragon Power
3.Leon Lotz – PFA 3.Cyall Victor – PFA
White 82-88 White 88-94
1.Christian Pretorius-Renzo Gracie Academy 1.Shaun Harris – Renzo Gracie Academy
2.Rayan Slim- Renzo Gracie Academy 2.Charl Nel- Dragon Power
3.Graeme Barnes- PFA 3.Lydon V/D Westhuizen-GB Somerset west
White 94+ White Lightweight Absolute
1.Keenan Coverly-PESFA 1.Dale Alexander -Renzo Gracie Academy
2.Pieter Rossouw – Powerplant 2.Neish Coullie – Renzo Gracie Academy
3.David Constantaras-Renzo Gracie Academy 3.Relic Wessels- Renzo Gracie Academy
White Heavy weight Absolute
1.Lydon V/D westhuizen – GB Somerset West
2.David Constantaras -Renzo Gracie Academy
3.Kyle Kock- Renzo Gracie Academy
Blue -64 Blue 64-70
1.Edwin Manhango -Gracie Barra CPT 1.Richard Lowe -Renzo Gracie Academy
2.Berni Berdell – Gracie Barra CPT 2.Gareth Lombard – DragonPower
3.Kiko Veiga – Renzo Gracie Academy 3.Eduan V G -Rio Grappling
Blue 70-76 Blue 76-82
1.Darren Hoffman – PFA 1.Matthew Munnik-Renzo Gracie Academy
2.Bruce Hudson -Renzo Gracie Academy 2.Abdul Ismail – Renzo Gracie Academy
3.Jade Johnson – Gracie Jiu Jitsu 3.Graham Roberts – Renzo Gracie Academy
Blue 82-88 Blue 88-94
1.Nick Christie -PESFA 1.Morad Ousti-Renzo Gracie Academy
2.Kyle Abrahams-Renzo Gracie Academy 2.Ismaeel Grant – Gracie Barra CPT
3.Armand Scheepers-Rio Grappling SB 3.Jamie Taylor -Renzo Gracie Academy
Blue 94+
1.Imre Andras-Renzo Gracie Academy
2.Ebert Potgieter-
Blue Lightweight Absolute Blue Heavyweight Absolute
1.Richard Lowe-Renzo Gracie Academy 1.Imre Andres-Renzo Gracie Academy
2-Gareth Lombard- Dragon Power 2.Matthew Munnik-Renzo Gracie Academy
3.Subz Nqayi-Renzom Gracie Acadamy 3.armand Scheepers-Rio Grapplling SB
Purple Lightweight Purple Heavyweight
1.Eddie Lallo-Top Gym 1.Adriaan Neethling-Powerplant
2.Martino De Silva-Gracie Barra CPT 2.Johan Oosthuisen-Rio Grappling SB
3.Alex Goldberg-Renzo Gracie Academy
Brown Belt Purple/Brown Absolute
1.Dennis Ocvina-Rio Grappling 1.Johan Oosthuisen-Rio Grappling SB
2.Matthew Taylor-Renzo Gracie Academy 2.Dennis Ocvina-Rio Grappling
3.Wade Henderson-Gracie Barra Glenhazel 3.Adriaan Neethling-Powerplant

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