EFC 32 Medical Reports

Gordon Roodman between rounds in

So I received this medical report from MMA SA PRO Association a while back and just have not had the time to publish it. This is very fantastic to be receiving on two levels. Firstly personally or as Muayguy.com it shows an acknowledgment of the website and its growth. So thank you to all you reading this. More importanlty, in the grand scheme of things, it gives us a better insight into the workings of professional MMA. I have been told we will receive one of these reports after every event and I will be publishing it for your reading pleasure.

Interesting to note the suspension for Speechley’s corner. While I agree that the corner should get out the way and let the medics do their job. The punishment doesn’t really fit the crime. it also does not really affect them in anyway. This will probably be the only month where there are two events so close together and he won’t be competing again.

Post event medical suspensions

Boney Bukaka: 45 days no contact medical suspension for strikes received and two lacerations, or until cleared by a sports physician. In addition no sparring for six weeks.

Giovanni Pretorius: 21 day cautionary medical suspension for ankle injury, or until cleared by a physician.

Ivan Strydom: Indefinite medical suspension for knee injury, to be cleared by orthopaedic surgeon.

Mbulelo Swekile: 30 day no contact medical suspension due to TKO.

Shaun de Lange: 45 day no contact medical suspension for strikes received.

Gordon Roodman: 45 day no contact medical suspension for strikes received and eyebrow laceration.

Wilhelm Strauss: 45 days no contact medical suspension or until medically cleared for suspected nasal fracture.

Post event disciplinary action

30 days suspension to the corner of Adam Speechly for not making it possible for the medical team to complete Adam Speechly’s initial post fight medical assessment. It is procedure for the initial medial assessment to be done by the event doctor in the Hexagon immediately after the bout is finished.

About the MMA SA PRO (Mixed Martial Arts South Africa Professional) association

Currently All EFC Event officials are privately contracted to work at EFC Events directly by EFC. However, the current EFC officials do act on behalf of, and do represent, a body of MMA professionals which is in the process of formalization. Working closely together with SASCOC and MASA, an independent professional MMA Association is in the process, and final stages of formalization. The MMA SA PRO Association (Mixed Martial Arts South Africa Professional Association) is a registered division under MASA (Mixed Martial Arts South Africa), which is registered with SASCOC. MMA SA PRO is a non-profit association.

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