EFC 32: Live Play by Play

EFC 32 fight card

BucSMRIIIAAO4Qy.jpg largeBout 1 : Bantamweight:  Oumpie Sebeko VS Boney Bukaka 60.60kg

Round 1: Sebeko kicked off his debut with a bang…or rather a banging, laying into Bukaka with abandon!! Bukaka weathered the storm though & had the edge on the ground.

Round 2: Sebeko seems to have no end!! He pounded on Bukaka in much the same way, in this round. Bukaka managed to take it to the ground, where he unloaded some heavy GnP.

Round 3: They came out as if it was still the first!! Sebeko continued his onslaught. Bukaka can take a beating, if nothing else!! This was a debut performance to be remembered, with Sebeko taking the win by Unanimous decision.

Bout 2 : Welterweight:  Sydney Mokgolo VS Pupanga Tresor

Cancelled due to Pupanga Tresor falling ill. He contracted Bronchitis & failed his medical today.

Bout 3 : Catchweight at 73kg: Giovanni Pretorius VS Chimmy van Winkel

Round 1: After a tentative start, they got straight into it & put on a great striking display, with van Winkel getting caught late in the round & looking like Pretorius’ body shots were hurting him.

Round 2: Pretorius spent the entire round stalking his opponent & landing blows almost at will. At about the halfway mark, he stunned him enough to take the fight to the ground & try to finish it with some GnP, but it was not to be.

Round 3: More of the same, with Pretorius frustrating van Winkel & imposing his will & gameplan. When it went to the ground, van Winkel managed to attempt not 1 but 2 inverted triangle chokes! To no avail though, as he was never in it& the judge gave it to Pretorius, by unanimous decision.

Bout 4 : Heavyweight: Ivan Strydom VS Mike Vermeulen

Round 1: 27 seconds is all it took…..Mike Vemeulen took it straight to the ground & rained down some GnP, to get the win by TKO.

BucmjxICAAAlD8E.jpg large

Bout 5 :  Featherweight: Sizwe Mnikathi VS Tshilomba Mulumba

Round 1: Apart from Mulumba catching Mnikathi hard with the 1st body kick of the fight, they spent the round finding their range…

Round 2: Sizwe dominated the round, scoring more hits while standing & spending most of the time that they were on the ground, controlling things there too. The only time that Mulumba seemed to gain the upper hand, was when he managed to roll Sizwe over & gain half mount. He was clearly uncomfortable on the ground & chose to stand things up.

Round 3: What a close technical round! Alternating between standup & the ground, with Sizwe the aggressor for most of it but Mulumba always looking dangerous. neither was able to finish it though & it went to the judges for a decision. They gave it to Mnikathi, by Unanimous Decision.

BucwetpCMAA80uQBout 6 : Featherweight: Mbulelo Swekile VS Tumisang Madiba

Round 1: WOW!! Tumisang Madiba brought it!! He attacked relentlessly, knocking Swekile down twice & cutting him in 2 places! He got the win in 3 min 58 secs, by Tap out due to strikes.


Bout 7 : Heavyweight: Sors Grobbelaar VS Knife Didier

Round 1: They both came out swinging, but it was not to be…Sors injured his knee when Knife took him to the ground, early on & was forced to submit verbally. The winner – Knife Didier.

Buc55g0IQAAiqRT.jpg large

Bout 8 : Featherweight: Peter Nyide VS Wade Groth

Round 1: They started the round Banging & ended it the same way! In between, though, the action was on the ground, with Groth attempting a triangle choke & Nyide escaping that to take his back for a brief period!

Round 2: SUCH A CLOSE ROUND!! Groth let loose with his legs & Nyide with his fists! The ground battle was as intense, with both men fighting hard for dominance.

Round 3: They fought harder in the last than in the first 2, if that’s even possible! The advantage changed so many times, it was insane! The action both standing & on the ground was so fast & furious, it was hard to keep up. Groth gained Nyide’s back twice in the round & managed to get in a Rear Naked Choke, but couldn’t sink it deep enough. The judges were called on yet again tonight & they adjudged Wade Groth to be the winner, by Unanimous Decision…

BudAQ85CEAAQiK1Bout 9 : Welterweight: Shaun de Lange VS Gordon Roodman

Round 1: Both these warriors have a score to settle & it showed! They chose to just stand & throw everything they had at each other. They ended the round both bloodied but neither with a clear advantage.

Round 2: That was clearly Shaun’s round with him reducing Gordon’s face to a bloody mess! He spent a good deal of the round hammering away at Gordon from his back, but Gordon just weathered it!!

Round 3: That round could have gone either way!! These 2 just chose to stand and bang away at each other!! The amount of punishment that they handed out & took is astounding!! Yet again, though it was left to the judges…They gave it to de Lange by Split Decision. Well done to both of them for an amazing display!!

Bout 10 : Heavyweight: Elvis Moyo VS Wilhelm Strauss

Round 1: Elvis stalked him the whole round, picking his shots & making them count. At the end of the round, he caught Tiny against the cage & the only thing that saved Tiny was the end of the round.

Round 2: More of the same, with Moyo stalking & Tiny circling. Moyo again waited till the 10second clapper before unloading on Tiny, trying to end it. Tiny covered up for most of the onslaught but managed to get in a knee. Moyo managed to land some bombs on Tiny’s body throughout the round.

Round 3: This was a bit different to the 1st 2 rounds, in that Moyo didn’t wait till the 10 second clapper before laying into Tiny…. When he did, he shattered Tiny’s nose so badly that it was pouring blood & the ref called the fight, giving the win by TKO to Elvis Moyo.

Bout 11 : Middleweight: JP Kruger VS Liam Cleland

Round 1: Both men cautious…feeling each other out for most of the round. It heated up though, when Liam shot for a Take Down & slammed JP to the canvas, where he tried to assert his dominance.

Round 2: As cautious a round as the first, with JP trying to chop Liam’s legs out from under him & Liam again dominating on the ground.

Round 3: The 3rd was more of the same…Neither man looked like they wanted to hurt the other. Cleland kept to his gameplan & took it to the ground again. It looked like he had done enough to win it, but the judges had other ideas & gave the win to JP Kruger by split decision….


Bout 12 : Featherweight Title: Barend Nienaber VS Boyd Allen

Round 1: A sedate round, with BB looking to get inside & close the distance on Boyd & Boyd staying out of range, while picking his shots.

Round 2: It started slow…but ended with a flurry!!! First Boyd caught BB with a massive left hook, stunning him. BB tried to take it to the ground, to recover a bit, but Boyd had other plans…keeping it standing till it suited him to go to the ground. When he did, he got caught in a Guillotine choke & BB took the opportunity to gain full mount. Boyd managed to roll out but BB locked in a deep arm bar.!! That, though, was not the end, as Boyd refused to tap & during his escape, he managed to get BB’s back & sunk in a Rear Naked Choke, to take the win & the EFC Featherweight Title by Submission.


Bout 13 : Welterweight Title: Adam Speechly VS Henry Fadipe

Round 1: Adam made his intentions clear by shooting straight in for a takedown. In doing so, he let Henry get in a Guillotine choke, which he had to work hard to escape. From there he spent the rest of the round wearing Henry down on the ground.

Round 2: Adam imposed his gameplan on the round again, keeping it on the ground & wearing Henry down from within his guard. Henry did manage to land a couple of big shots before they went to ground though.

Round 3: Adam spent the round giving Henry a lesson in BJJ…. a lesson in takedowns & submission defence… Although he dominated for the most part, he got careless & and had to escape a leg triangle & a DEEP arm bar that had us all wondering….When the snap would come…

Round 4: This round it actually took Adam 2 attempts be fore he got the takedown…The BJJ lesson continued, with Fadipe looking like he was running out of steam…

Round 5: With a perfectly executed gameplan, there could only be one outcome…. Adam just stuck to it & smothered Henry from beginning to end. The winner by Unanimous Decision & NEW EFC Welterweight Champion….Adam Speechly!!! The Welterweight curse remains & the title changes hands onnce again….

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