Prediction Fiction – EFC 32

Prediction Fiction efc 32

Hello again fight fans, it is nearly time for EFC 32. We are coming up on an interesting card this time round. While looking at the first 6 cards every fight has at least 1 debutant, this shouldn’t really mean anything besides a minimal amount of professional experience. Not an issue really. If anything of late we have seen the debutants put on more entertaining fights on the under cards.  That being said, here is a little useless stats info for you. In the first six bouts, there are only a total of 17 fights. 8 of those belong to one man, Chimmy van Winkel.  My only issue with all these ‘newbies’ is that there is not much information on them to get a good idea about their styles and abilities. But that’s a selfish reason. Since we do not know much about these guys I am not going to try and thumb suck a prediction for you. Not fair on anyone except my imagination but that is overworked as it is.

Bout 7: Heavyweights: Didier AKA Knife vs Sors Grobbelaar

There is a lot of knockout potential here and I think we should be getting what we want here. We are a blood thirsty lot aren’t we? I really want to put my money on Sors and his Grizzly Adams beard, but after knife’s walk off KO of Ricky Misholas I have my doubts. Neither of these two behemoths is known for their defensive capabilities and I am expecting some fireworks in one direction or another. Probably in Didier’s favour though. In the middle of round 1.

Bout 8: Featherweights:  Wade Groth vs Peter Nyide

I am unsure why this is seen as a big fight. Nyide is coming off one of the worst TKO losses most have ever seen and Groth has had 1 victory since being back, and yes looking far slicker with his head movement and ground skills. But not to constitute the amount of marketing EFC has thrown into this bout. Maybe it is just me? In fact, his last fight against Cheboub was a much bigger fight than this one. Anyways, I am fairly certain that Groth will get another KO victory here in the 2nd round. So all in all, we will get our entertainment, which is what we pay for right? I almost forgot that Wade has dropped down to featherweight now too. So that actually adds to my perplexed nature of this bout.

Bout 9: Welterweights: Gordon Roodman vs Shaun De Lange

Shaun has been a bit of an enigma in the South African MMA scene. He is not active on social media and unless you are from his are you probably haven’t seen or heard of him. But this boy definitely has some skills. A stark contrast to ‘The Rage’ Roodman who is very active on various platforms and often very vocal towards his upcoming opponent. It must be a bit frustrating for him not to be able to trash talk this one. I could be mistaken, but this is the first fight of Shaun’s we will be seeing where he has prior notice and a full training camp; as he has been a replacement in most of his other EFC bouts. I am really excited for this bout as both guys are pretty well rounded in all aspects of MMA and unsure as to where this one will go. I am fairly certain this one will go to the judges though. As for who will take it? I feel De Lange has the edge, looking how he dominated his last 2 opponents.

Bout 10: Heavyweights: Wilhelm Strauss vs Elvis Moyo

I kind of feel like I could just copy and paste what I wrote about Sors & Didier. But if Strauss is smart and his team strategists, they will know the now obvious that Elvis doesn’t have any ground game and relies on the Chuck Liddell strategy of Sprawl and Brawl. For Elvis’ sake I hope he has learned some more ground. Boxing is not enough. However, Strauss is also known for standing and banging and being the crowd pleaser he is might fall into a trap of trading with Elvis. If this happens, its Elvis to land one of his bombs and win it with a KO. Probably not in the first round though. I see it early to mid-second round when Strauss’s movement will slow and he will get caught.

Bout 11: Welterweights: Liam Cleland vs JP Kruger

Kruger as most will know is coming off a very quick loss in a failed title attempt against Gareth McLennan. Whereas Cleland is coming off a very close majority points victory over Jason Culverwell, where his conditioning and fitness was highly questionable.  I can’t see Cleland being able to stand with Kruger or even wanting too. So he is going to shoot straight in and start submission hunting. However, Kruger’s ground is not something to be scoffed at either. How many victories via submission does he have again? Also interested to see what his road trip of training across good Ol’ US of A has done for his game. I am not a firm believer in gym hoping like that. But maybe it works for him. I see this one going to the third round, with Kruger being the fitter and stronger of the two and more versatile.

Bout 12: Featherweight Title Fight: Boyd Allen vs Barend Nienaber

Barend was very impressive in his last outing against Katz. He took the fight exactly where he wanted and controlled it entirely. That bout is a very good example of the significance of strategy implementation in combat sports. What will be his strategy for taking on Allen? That’s anyone’s guess as they are probably keeping their lips sealed and we will have to find out on the night. I don’t see Nienaber have the ability to deal with Allen’s slick boxing and elbows. I don’t see Allen being able to score a KO in this bout, so Nienaber will probably want to take it to the ground. If his wrestling is up to scratch he might be able to control the movement and stall to a victory. I do not see Allen allowing this and will have aggressive ground submission attempts ending with Allen on top with ground and pound. I think this one will go to somewhere in championships rounds, so maybe late in the 4th round we will see that TKO victory for Boyd Allen.

Bout 13: Welterweight Title Fight: Henry Fadipe vs Adam Speechly

I think we are going to see the end of an era here. That meaning the ‘welterweight title curse’ is going to be ended by Fadipe successfully defending his title. Yes we know Speechly is brilliant on the ground, I am pretty sure Faidpe as some skills. We just have not seen them yet. But the thing is, how strong is Speechly’s chin, because Fadipe hits pretty hard! I am a pretty big Speechly fan, but I can’t see him being able to deal with Fadipe’s knockout power. It is not even that his power is that amazingly above average. His KO ability comes from his distance and timing. Watch his fights how he is timing everything so that he can land those single devastating shots that make knees crumble. Mixed emotions on this, but I can’t see this ending any other way than by KO to Henry Fadipe to defend his title in the first round.


In the mean time, let the countdown to the hex EFC 32 video entertain you until next week Thursday. And don’t forget to let us know who you think is going to win and how.


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