Lessons in Life from Boxing: Take your own advice

lesson 7

I’ve been slacking at training and not just at blogging my friends… I know all that I write about on these posts are empowerment and “no pain no gain'” but Eish lately I’ve been smacked with the case of Winter hibernation, a new relationship,designing for summer and in between it all getting the cold twice and having a throat infection now. Blaaah Is how I’m feeling and if I have to try and pump out an empowerment piece now I would just be lying.

The last 7 years I have struggled with a low immune system and am constantly sick. It got better for a while but it seemed to have gone right back down again. So to live a healthy lifestyle means to eat right and to exercise which I think I’ve been doing alright at this year.


Now that I’ve missed a couple classes, I don’t tire myself out so much that I want to sleep earlier. I don’t drink as much water because I’m not sweating at gym and I don’t HAVE to remember to eat at proper times so I don’t pass out at training…So now I have been sleeping less, drinking less water and eating when I am hungry. (I never understood those people who ‘forgot’ to eat  but now that I live alone with 5 million things to do I tend to forget and not bother and then my blood pressure drops) silly silly silly me I KNOW!

Look at me now ignoring all this advice and lessons all for an extra few hours wrapped in warm blankets to get more work done in a half-focused way.

Last week I learnt that one of the ladies training at my gym is a physiotherapist. She can’t skip or do burpees because she hurt her knee last year. After her incident she didn’t recover properly before returning to training, which made her knee even worse and a year later her knee isn’t the same… and all because she didn’t take her own advice even as a professional.

If anything going to boxing class teaches me to value myself more. My body deserves more water to work, my eyes deserve more sleep to focus, my belly deserves food to give me energy. So now I have to take a trillion tablets to get better one of which is my own medicine and just sleep, eat, train, repeat.

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