Fightstar 8: Play by Play

BtNMdiHIQAAw9CI.jpg largeBout 1: LHW Anthony Paul vs JT Botha

Round 1: They both came out banging, but that didn’t last long, as Anthony took it to the ground & tried to work his ground game.

Round 2: Anthony again controlled the round, rocking JT early o in the round & pursuing him relentlessly. JT, however did not go down, but his conditioning was against him.

Round 3: Another onslaught by Anthony, who unloaded a flurry of uppercuts before taking it to the canvas, where he got the mount & tried to end it by GnP. It was not to be, though, as JT flipped him over & almost managed to get his back before the end of the round. The judges gave it to Anthony Paul, by Unanimous Decision.

Bout 2: LW Christopher Pedro vs Donald Mabusela

Round 1: That started with an immediate take down by Donald. it stayed on the canvas for mush of the round, with Donald in control, until he gained the mount & tried to finish be GnP. That’s when Chris flipped him backwards & took control for the dying seconds of the round.

Round 2: Donald took it to the ground again, but not before taking a MASSIVE kick to the ribs! whenever they went to the ground, however, it was Chris who surprised with his immense strength.

Round 3: What a seesaw round, with both men able to slam the other to the canvas, at various points in the round!! They also took turns trying to end it by some vicious GnP, but it was not to be. Neither man was able to assert enough dominance over the other & the judges declared it a draw by split decision.

Bout 3: BW Fortuna Kabwe vs Mwenhlanla Bongani

Round 1: With an explosive start by these 2, this fight promises to be a cracker! They came out swinging! Both men trying to end it in the opening seconds with a KO.

Round 2: I spoke too soon… Kabwe took control early on & rocked Bongani. Bongani never recovered & after taking a bit of a beating, the ref called it & awarded the Win to Fortuna Kabwe by TKO.

Bout 4: MW Joe Kadima vs Dimitri Fogg

Round 1: The round started with Fogg rocking Kadima early on in the round, but this was never going to be ended by strikes. Fogg managed to get mount & rained down some GnP on Kadima, but Kadima managed to escape from under there. In doing so, though, he gave up his back & was submitted by a Rear Naked Choke. Your winner by Submission, Dimitri Fogg

Bout 5:WW Gerhard Eksteen vs Freddie Bronkhorst

Round 1: They say the best defense is a good offense…. Well these 2 took that as gospel. They came out swinging & both briefly hurt each other, but managed to last the round.

Round 2: The round started with Freddie taking a shot to the groin & ended soon thereafter, with him losing by TKO to a vicious GnP onslaught….Short & (not so) Sweet.

Bout 6: FW Layne Openshaw vs Zulu

Round 1: Another Balls-to-the-wall fight!! Two more men trying to end things with a haymaker. But to no avail

Round 2: If at first you don’t succeed…. Looking for the KO worked for Layne! it only took 18secs for him to land a spinning backfist & take the win by TKO!!

Bout 7: LW Joseph Phutiagae vs Leon White

Round 1: Finally…a slower start to a fight. They made their shots count & actually employed some defense.

Round 2: Joseph changed tac &  came out swinging. He landed a good few combos before Leo took it to the ground. That too went Joseph’s way, as he managed to gain half mount & rained blows down from there.

Round 3: Going on the offensive worked for Joseph, who shot for a Takedown & employed some GREAT GnP to end things by TKO.

Bout 8: LHW Niel du Plessis vs Jacques Prinsloo

Round 1: If you blinked, you missed it!! Neil slammed his opponent to the ground right off!! From there he gained side control & transitioned to a Guillotine Choke & took the win by Submission!

Bout 9: MW Ghini Greyling vs Adrian Farrell

Round 1: More reckless swinging… & it nearly cost Ghini, as Adrian shot in under his wild blows, to get a TD & then mount. Adrian wasn’t able to capitalize though & Ghini escaped t stand things up again.

Round 2: A bit more caution this round, but it still went to the ground, with Adrian on top. He backed off though & allowed Ghini to stand back up, before attempting a Guillotine Choke unsuccessfully.

Round 3: After a briefly cautious start to the round, Ghini started swinging again & it paid off. He floored Adrian with a HUGE right & followed him to the canvas, landing a good 6 or 7 more shots before the ref reacted & called a stop to the fight. The win to Ghini Greyling by TKO.

It must be said that the ref was slow to react & stop the fight.

Bout 10: FW Ernst Kotze vs Martin Joubert

Round 1: This one went to ground quickly, with Ernst in Martin’s guard. Martin swept to get the mount but the ref saw him hold the cage to get it & stood them up. They were soon back on the ground with Martin giving up his back & almost succumbing to a RNC

Round 2: Ernst took it to the ground again, but got caught in a triangle choke! He escaped by slamming Martin to the canvas. From there he managed to get Martin’s back again & got in some GnP before the end of the round.

Round 3: Ernst was determined to keep it on the ground, shooting for the TD repeatedly. It almost cost him, as Martin swept him once & got a Guillotine attempt in just before the end. The winner by Unanimous Decision: Ernst Kotze.

Martin ran out of the cage before the result was announced, as his wife has just gone into labour!!

Bout 11: BW Cobus Dauth vs Eric van Rooyen

Round 1: It was great to see some tactics being employed by both men. Eric started with some great combos, but Cobus caught him in a Guillotine. When he escaped & stood, they traded briefly & Cobus took one to the groin, before he lost his headgear.

Round 2: Eric shot for & got a HUGE TD, before gaining mount & raining down some GnP. Cobus briefly gave up his back before escaping & standing things up. That was a mistake, as Cobus caught him with a massive right hook, to take the win by TKO.

Bout 12: HW Delano Coetzee vs Ernest Jansen van Rensburg

Round 1: Delano is an ENORMOUS specimen & used his size perfectly to his advantage, laying into Ernest for most of the round & throwing in a bit of man handling as well.

Round 2: A better round for Ernest, although still not his. Most of the round saw Delano giving a boxing lesson, but Ernest managed to land a couple of his own right hands….which Delano did not feel.

Round 3: This round saw both men tire, but Delano still kept a respectable work rate, moving into range & picking his shots, before moving away, to avoid the slow counter-punching by Ernest. When Delano swung those tree trunks he has for legs, he almost took Ernest’s legs out from under him. The result could only go one way…a win for Delano Coetzee by Unanimous Decision.

Bout 13: LW Willie Mackay vs Cole Henning

Round 1: Although there was some skilled striking displayed, the round was uneventful, with neither man really landing anything worth scoring.

Round 2: Not much more action in this round…. After Cole landed a semi-decent hook, they spent the rest of the round in the clinch, trading knees.

Round 3: And it all happened in the last round. Willie was eager to go to the ground & made several takedown attempts. Cole, however, turned this to his advantage & stuffed the last attempt & then took Willie’s back. Once there, Cole sunk a deep Rear Naked Choke & took the win by Submission.

Bout 14: LHW Paul Rothman vs Jason Laing

Round 1: An exciting round, saw Paul get careless with his kicks. this let Jason get a takedown, but Paul first attempted a leg triangle choke & then an arm bar.

Round 2: Jason got an early Takedown & unloaded on Paul but Paul managed another triangle choke. Jason escaped easily & stood the fight up, where they traded some heavy blows.

Round 3: They started the round with a vicious exchange of blows, followed by another Guillotine Choke attempt by Paul. Jason escaped yet again & worked determinedly from inside Paul’s guard till the end of the fight. This was enough for the judges, who scored it unanimously in favour of Jason Laing, awarding him he win.

Bout 15: MW Tresor Boluwa vs Johan Erasmus

Round 1: Johan put together some decent combos, using his reach advantage to good effect, before Tresor took it to  the ground, where the action slowed considerably.

Round 2: They started the round with some wild swinging, before Tresor took it to the ground & attempted a Kimora. Johan managed to escape & stood immediately, but Tresor took it straight back down by slamming him to the canvas.

Round 3: Tresor attempted a couple of spinning kicks & which ended with him slipping & having to defend an onslaught from Johan. When he managed to get the advantage & Johan’s back towards the end of the round, he failed to capitalize & it was left to the judges. They awarded the win by Unanimous Decision to Tresor Boluwa.

Bout 16: Rudi Roets vs Daniel Susseman (Juniors)

Round 1: Rudi started the round by unleashing a flurry of blows & then took it to the ground, but there he was rolled over.

Round 2:while they were standing, Daniel was using his kicks to good effect, while Rudi was countering excellently. Rudi then tried  Judo throw which nearly ended with Daniel taking his back. The  round ended with Daniel hammering Rudi’s ribs with heavy elbows.

Round 3: More kicks from Daniel & great counter-punching from Rudi, saw Daniel get his mouthguard punched right out of his mouth, followed by Rudi picking him up & slamming him to the canvas as the final siren sounded. The winner, by Split Decision: Rudi Roets.

Bout 17: MW Leandre Brettscheinder vs Ettiene Jacobs

Round 1: They started tentatively, but when they did engage, Leandre soon lost his headgear. After a brief pause to get it back on, he proceeded to take the win by Submission to a Leg Triangle Choke.

Bout 18: MW Quaid Openshaw vs Quentin Graaf

Round 1: A swift end to that one, with Quaid taking the fight to Quentin from the start. He started off by pummeling him & ended it on the ground, taking the win by Submission to a Guillotine Choke.

Bout 19: HW Wessel Mostert vs Mpathy Mpata

Round 1: These 2 giants went at it from the get-go!! after a brief pause to repair Wessel’s headgear, they resumed, with Mpathy landing & big right & rocking Wessel! Wessel recovered quickly, to take it to the ground & gain Mpathy’s back, from where he laid into him till the bell.

Round 2: Mpathy got an early takedown but Wessel turned the tables on him & took his back, where he first rained down blows & then submitted him by a Rear Naked Choke.

Bout 20: WW Cameron Pritchard vs Jedri Koekemoer

Round 1: The  round started evenly enough, with both men feeling each other out. Cameron took it to the ground & exerted his dominance there, locking in an arm bar at the death. Jedri was only saved by the bell.

Round 2: Jedri clearly wanted to keep it standing, keeping Cameron at bay with a great boxing display, for the start of the round. When Cameron did get close enough, he immediately shot for the takedown, but not before eating a staggering right. Cameron then managed to get another arm bar, but Jedri escaped & tried a guillotine.

Round 3: They went straight to the ground, but this round was all Jedri!! First he tried a rear naked choke, then a guillotine! When Cameron escaped , Jedri took his back & attempted another RNC!! Cameron just managed to rolls out as the bell sounded. Another fight decided by the judges… The winner, by Majority Decision, Cameron Pritchard.


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