EFC 31: Live Play by Play

Bout 1: Featherweight bout
Sizwe Mnikathi VS Tumisang Madiba 

Round 1: Well… one wouldn’t say that they’re both debutants!! From an early striking exchange, they went to ground, with the dominance changing from Madiba with an atempted RNC & then an arm bar, to Sizwe controlling the end of the round with elbows from inside Madiba’s guard

Round 2:These 2 are NOT afraid to trade!! They spent the majority of the round in the centre of the cage, trading blows – Madiba leading with kicks & Sizwe countering with head punches. When they did go to ground, it was Sizwe who gained the advantage

Round 3: More of the same, although they did seem to tire. Madiba didn’t allow the fight to go to the ground as much as in the 1st 2 rounds. In the end, though, neither man did enough to decide it on their own & we went to the judges for a decision. The judges gave it to Madiba, by majority decision.

EFC AFRICA - EFC 31 Fight Card - Fight 03

Bout 2: Bantamweight bout
Marino Cutenda VS Craig Ninow 

Round 1: Ninow signalled his intentions from the very 1st punch of the fight, stunning Marino briefly, with a big right. They didn’t stand for long, with Ninow the 1st to take it to the ground. although they never spent long there, when they did stand, it was Marino who took it to the ground 2nd time round. He looked to be dominating from inside Ninow’s guard, capitalising on his reach advantage. In the end though, he got careless & got caught in a triangle choke, which cost him the fight.

The winner; Craig Ninow, by Submission. Not a birthday that Marino will want to remember…

EFC AFRICA - EFC 31 Fight Card - Fight 04

Bout 3: Bantamweight bout
Lourens Botes VS Baldwin Mdlalose 

Round 1: What a frenetic start!! Botes looked like he wanted to end it in the opening seconds!!Baldwin was having none of it, though & even though he spent most of the round on his back, he managed to bloody Botes

Round 2: Baldwin started with a flurry of heavy punches, forcing Botes to duck under them & shoot for a take down. Once on the canvas, Botes quickly gained his back, sunk his hooks in & took the win by submission to a Rear Naked Choke.

EFC AFRICA - EFC 31 Fight Card - Fight 05

Bout 4: Middleweight bout
Warren Allison VS Jason Culverwell 

Round 1: After a tentative start by both men, Warren took it to the ground & quickly asserted his dominance there, where he first gained mount & cut Jason above his left eye & from there proceeded to get the win by Submission to an Arm Triangle.

EFC AFRICA - EFC 31 Fight Card - Fight 06

Bout 5: Featherweight bout 
Leo Gloss VS Tyson Chelin 

Round 1: Coming of a 2-fight losing streak, Gloss was desperate o win this one. He managed to get the first contact, but that was the only thing that went his way. Chelin took it straight to the ground & was quick to assert his dominance there. He stood & waited for Leo to attempt to stand…that’s when he shot back in, surprising Leo & managing to grab his foot to take the win by submission to an ankle lock.

EFC AFRICA - EFC 31 Fight Card - Fight 07

Bout 6: Light heavyweight bout
Ian Visser VS Donavin Hawkey

Round 1: If you blinked once, you would have missed ALL the action!! Hawkey stunned Visser in the opening exchange of blows, dropping him to the canvas, but Visser recovered to gain 1st side mount, then half guard! When Hawkey treid to roll away, Visser took his back & sunk a deep Rear Naked Choke, to force the Submission. All this in 2min & 22secs…

  EFC AFRICA - EFC 31 Fight Card - Fight 08

Bout 7: Featherweight bout 
Brendon Katz VS Nelson Feiteira 

Round 1:  What a promising start! With both men happy to stand & trade & neither willing to follow the other to the canvas, it was always going to be a strike fest. And that it was, but just when we thought that this one was going to go further than the 1st, Katz lands a MASSIVE right in the dying seconds of the round, to knock Feiteira out cold. The win was announced as a win by TKO, however – we disagree.

EFC AFRICA - EFC 31 Fight Card - Fight 09

Bout 8: Bantamweight bout
Cedric Doyle VS Matthew Buirski 

Round 1: Not a very eventful 1st round, apart from repeated kicks to Doyle’s groin by Buirski. Both men used the round to feel each other out.

Round 2: WHAT a round!! Doyle started the round by cutting Mat on the forehead, but soon had to pull every trick he knows to escape a kimura, which he managed to do!! I don’t know how he managed to not tap!!

Round 3: WOW!! These two could have gone another 2 rounds!! It was a seesaw round with both men landing telling blows! The round saw Mat backing up to stay out of range, with Doyle stalking him & eventually landing a HUGE blow that sent Mat sprawling. Doyle followed him to the canvas & tried to finish with some vicious GnP, but it was not to be. It went to the judges, who gave it to Doyle by Unanimous Decision.

EFC AFRICA - EFC 31 Fight Card - Fight 10

Bout 9: Catchweight bout
Wesley Hawkey VS Hanru Botha 

Round 1: Botha came out swinging but was fended off & paid for it when he ate a MASSIVE hook that floored him!! Hawkey followed him to the ground & tried to finish him off there. In the scramble, Botha nearly gave up his back & then got caught in a Triangle Choke. He escaped but one feels that the round went to Wesley.

Round 2: They went to ground & stood back up more than I care to count, trading blows in between!! The end result was that the rounds ended with both men cut.

Round 3:
Hanru Botha mixed it up, alternating between standing & trading & shooting for the TD’s. He almost got the TD’s at will. In the end though, they both chose to stand & trade punches for the last 20 seconds of the fight, bringing the crowd to their feet!! Neither man seemed to feel the other’s hammer blows landing & it eventually went to the judges, who awarded the win to Wesley by Majority Decision. True warriors who put up a GREAT show!! Mere words just don’t seem to do this fight justice…

EFC AFRICA - EFC 31 Fight Card - Fight 11

Bout 10: Heavyweight bout
Elvis Moyo VS Andrew van Zyl 

Round 1:  Moyo can throw bombs!! with his 1st 2 punches, he knocked Andrew back by a meter!! One can’t blame Andrew for staying out of reach & shooting for the TD as soon as possible. Once on the ground, one would have thought it would be 1 way traffic, but no…. As Andrew was raining massive elbows down on Moyo, Moyo managed to cut him from the bottom!! As I said, Moyo hurls BOMBS! Andrew changed tac & went for an arm bar, which took him a while to sink, but in the end, he got the tap & the win by Submission.

EFC AFRICA - EFC 31 Fight Card - Fight 12

Bout 11: Light heavyweight bout
Danie van Heerden VS Tumelo Maphutha 

Round 1: These 2 are master tacticians. The punches & kicks that they landed were precise & telling!! They don’t have the nicknames that they do for nothing!

Round 2: Another round of pounding punishment by Tumelo!! He bloodied Danie, but the Pitbull just kept on coming forward!! Tumelo’s kicks were so hard that the crowd was cringing everytime they landed. Danie showed great boxing skills by managing to bob & weave out of the way of a lot of punches, but he didn’t dodge enough of them.

Round 3: I have NEVER seen anyone get hit SO HARD and not go down!! Danie is INCREDIBLE!! Towards the end, Tumelo was landing Jabs, right crosses & legs kicks almost at will, but The Pitbull JUST….KEPT…COMING …..FORWARD!!! His face a bloody mess & his lead leg crippled, Danie never gave an inch. Tumelo threw everything at him & he took it all. Inevitably, it went to the judges, who gave it to Tumelo by Unanimous Decision.

EFC AFRICA - EFC 31 Fight Card - Fight 13

Bout 12 : Bantamweight bout 
Demarte Pena VS Nkazimulo Zulu

Round 1: Zulu tried to keep it standing & Pena was happy to keep it there while he felt him out, but it inevitable went to the ground, where Pena asserted his dominance.

Round 2: Pena again tried to assert his dominance on the ground, but Zulu managed to escape no less than 3 times, the last from a RNC. Each time he stood the fight up, though, Pena took it back to the canvas

Round 3: Pena showed once again what a masterful tactician he is. He took it to the ground & kept it there, where he wore Zulu down with elbows & knees.

Round 4: Zulu looked like he was just trying to survive, as long as he was standing, he was ok, but Pena’s TD’s were numerous & telling.

Round 5: Although Zulu took control of the last round, & kept it standing, Pena had done more than enough to be in complete control. The winner by Unanimous Decision & the NEW Bantamweight Champion, Demarte Pena. He also becomes the 1st ever EFC athlete to hold 2 belts in 2 different divisions.


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