Ncedo Gomba Faces Daraaek Tesabannakorntrang in 5 Round Battle

Ncedo "Nintendo" Gomba (Tiger Muay Thai) vs Daraaek TesabannakorntrangSouth African Nak Muay Ncedo Gomba faced Southern Thai Daraaek Tesabannakorntrang in his most recent bout in Bangla stadium on 6 June 2014. This battle went the distance on points in an entertaining bout all the way through.

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I am a South African Nak Mauy with a keen interest in MMA and combat sports in general. I run to give the world of fighting a South African Nak Muay's perspective. I have been competing in Martial Arts since the age of 7 with some success having come 3rd at IFMA World Championships and have my provincial colours for Judo. One day I will grow up and relinquish my dream of being world champion, but not yet...

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