Life Lessons in Boxing: Learn to work with the space you have

lesson 1

Walk into a room where men and women are throwing punches but not at each other rather at mid air. Each person moving around the other, some back and forth, some getting a little close and others moving in random circles. The gym is filled with powerful left hooks and slips with such swag, it all looks intimidating especially with the Eminem Recovery album playing in the background.

This moment right here is shadow boxing.

“It’s good to be able to work in the ring but it’s really good to shadow box with everyone else around you, learn to work with the space you have and to use your peripheral vision”

All that you keep in mind during this session is you and the space left open. Sure there are other people around, some pro boxers who bark out power with every punch. But you also see the guy who stops mid combo shaking his head thinking he did something wrong, you see the guy stretching out his wrist, you see the guys do awkward side steps to avoid each other and then there is me who had to stop and live in this gross moment as my foot found a puddle of sweat. *gag*

The first, second and possibly until the tenth time, this moment right here is disgusting. My toesies squishing through the puddle and I don’t want to use my own sweat towel for someone else’s sweat, also the gym is so packed that this will happen a lot. So I can either run off the mat to use the floor towel for my foot or I can carry on. That is when I actually stop to hear Cinderalla Man playing and Eminem saying there is “nothing I can do about it” me replying in my mind “yeah, it’s just sweat, and it’s also what I’m doing right now because I’m working like a boss” So I give myself a mental High5 and carry on.

Sure there will be gross moments, better opponents and little space but there are always going to be other people around, in your business, your home, no man is an island right!!? I’m still learning how to deal with others and learn to use what I have. But what I learnt NOT to say is “I can only do that if I had that”…You can make it work if you really want it.

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