EFC 31 – Bantamweight fights many, so wow!

Smacktalk vs Muay Guy EFC31 Predictions

So EFC 30 was an amazing event, that I can’t believe any fan didn’t enjoy regardless of the results. It simply was just a fantastic experience to be a part of. However, here in lies the issue of a great event. How do you maintain that hype. This is not unique to EFC, we see it frequently in UFC especially with the massive growth of the sport  we get many many more fight events, but are they up to the same quality? So that brings us to EFC31, I am still excited as I get to see the best Bantam weights ( my favourite category as it is the smallest) go at it for the title. We have been waiting on this one for a long time. We also get to see Craig Ninow back in the Hex for the first time since his devastating loss to current Bantam weight Champion Nkazimulo Zulu. I am betting Ninow will be coming out hungry for that win.

Bantamweight fights many, so wow!

Sizwe Mnikathi vs Tumisang Madiba

Straight up I have never seen either of these guys compete before, but I have heard some amazing things about Madiba. He is Franna’s training partner and thus must have quite the ground game. Guessing Madiba on points

Craig Ninow vs Marino Cutendana

Both these guys are on losing streaks and looking to end them. However, I see Ninow with his vast experience advantage picking Cutendana apart and taking it on points. I imagine after his last loss to Zulu he has a statement he wants to make.

Baldwin Mdlalose VS Lorens Botes

Both these guys are also sitting fairly low on the Bantamweight rankings as with Ninow & Cutendana. Besides for Mdlalose’s last outing against Donovan Wilken he seems to be losing his bouts via submissions and I see Lorens managing something similar. Then again Botes has received some big KO losses and one must wonder how his chin is holding up and how much more he can take.

Warren Allison vs Jason Culverwell

Allison has not fought in the EFC since he lost to Juan Lubbe back in 2010. While he has not been completely inactive, having beaten Gavin Green at CFL & former EFC veteran Mwande Vapi at Imagine FC in 2013. However, Culverwell must be pretty confident after his KO of the night victory over Wade Henderson. I see Culverwell scoring another KO somewhere deep in the 2nd round.

Tyson Chelin vs Leo Gloss

While Leo ‘King’ Gloss has shown some amazing boxing skills and a super strong chin, he has also shown that he has failed to develop as an all rounded MMA athlete and keeps getting submitted. Do I see this going the same way as his last 2 outings? Definitely. Do I see it being as quick as his last 2 outings? No, not really. Tyson may have a better and adequate ground game, but it is not on the same level as Irshaad Sayed or Francois Groenewald. While I do see him taking the win with a submission, It is probably going to be later in the 2nd or 3rd rounds.

Donovan Hawkey vs Ian Visser

On one hand we have a South African MMA legend with over 30 fights. Having faced pretty much everyone out there. On the other hand we have a guy that has lost to 2 of the best heavyweights in EFC. I can only see this going one way and that is some heavy ground and pound by Donovan Hawkey after some clinch work. Most probably in the 2nd round.

Brendon Katz vs Nelson Feiteira

Katz must be pretty upset about his last fight and what Feiteira has been saying in media. He looked quite visibly shaking angry in his interview video the other day. I think we are going to see the “Jew Bear’ give us the war we missed out on in his last outing against Neinaber. I think they are going to go staright after each other, possibly recklessly. This will end with some nasty ground and pound with Feiteira on the receiving end in the 2nd round.

Mathew Buirski vs Cedric Doyle

This is a tough one. I really like Doyles style and he is on a really good run with a 3 fight win streak. However, Buirksi is a big Bantam weight with good technical skills on top. While I think their skill sets are fairly even, I feel that Buirki’s size will aid in tiring out Doyle in the later rounds and we will see a TKO via ground and pound in the 3rd.

Hanru Botha vs Wesley Hawkey

What Hanru Botha showed us in his last bout again Alain Illunga is that being the better fighter is not necessary, but a better game plan or strategy can make all the difference. He nullified his opponents strengths and worked to his own strengths thus winning on points. I see this fight going the same way, with Hanru using his wrestling to get the take downs and controlling the fight on the ground to win via points.

Andrew van Zyl vs Elvis Moyo

While Moyo’s take down defence was far more impressive than I expected at EFC 30, it was no where near good enough to deal with Brendan Groenewald. This is going to go exactly the same with van Zyl. Either Moyo will land a big right hand very early, or he is going to get pushed against the cage and taken down and mounted in the first round. Van Zyl to win via TKO.

Tumelo Maphuta vs Danie van Heerdan

I really don’t know about this fight. All I knwo is it should be super entertaining. Who will win though really is anyone’s guess, I am gonna go with a big right hand finish by Tumelo, but anything can happen between these two behemoths.

Demarte Pena vs Nkazimulo Zulu

I live by a saying of ‘Don’t believe the hype’ but I must say that EFC have done a great job here and got me confused as to who might win. I ma going to stick to my original thoughts and go with Demarte via ground and pound in the 4th/5th round. While, Zulu does have the superior stand up and striking skills, I don’t think he has enough strength in him to keep Demarte from closing the distance, especially if you look how he stood against Charlie Weyer with the very upright Muaythai Style loading the left kick. Demarte is going to close that distance, work for the take down and lie and ground and pound on Zulu. Simple as that. I htink Zulu will be abkle to move and survive till the championship rounds, but that is when things change. 20/25 minutes of fighting is a long time.


You guys agree or disagree? Let us know below.


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