EFC 30: Live Play by Play

 Don Madge Vs Boyd Allen


Featherweight: Sinedile Manengela VS Nathan Fredericks
RND 1:
Both guys started off pretty aggressive, throwing hand and leg combos. Sinedile started a bull rush of punches causing Nathan to go for a double leg take down. Nathan turned towards the cage applied pressure eventually getting the take down. He spent the remainder of the round working position from inside Sinedile’s guard.

RND 2: The round starts very much the same and ends against the cage. Eventually they disengage and Sinendiel scores an awesome single arm Judo throw, but Natahn stood up immidietly. Sinendile starts showing his tiredness andNathan capatilizes by picking him off with combos and scores another take down. He then worked to a full mount and works his ground and pound. Sinendile got saved by the bell.

RND 3: We start the same, Sinendile visibly fatigued and Nathan carries on where he left off. Some well timed combos leading into a take down. He worked to a full mount and finished it easily with some ground and pound.

Lightweight: Tshilomba Mulumba VS Anthony Mailer

RND 1: The first round starts off really slowly and then a sudden flurry of strikes from both sides. After an engagment, Anthony ends on his back and trys to get Tshilomba to engage, but will only give a bunch of right soccer kicks to Anthony’s legs. The ref stands them up and much of the same distance checking when Tshims bull rushes Anthiny and he pulls guard and attempts a guillotine.

RND 2: The round starts with some kicking and Tshims gets caught with an accidental groin shot and gets 5 minutes to recover. They restart and go to the ground, Tshims catches Anthony ina  deep triangle, Anthomy proceeded to slam Tshims three times and eventually escaped and they stood up. They took some time to recover, looking at each other. Another boxing exchange and Anthony ends up on Tshim’s back , they fall to the ground and Tshims taps out.

Light Heavyweight: Champion Dalcha VS Roelof Scheepers

RND 1: They engaged immediately, throwing some huge punches. Roelof went for a Thai clinch, but Champion wemt fpr a massive double leg take down. They stand up nearly straight away. Champion shoots for another take down and on the way down, Roelof hurt his knee and verbally submits to give Champion the win.

Welterweight: Shaun de Lange VS Saxon Delafield

RND 1: Saxon started the round aggressive, going straight for the single leg take down. He succesfully gets it, but sytrikes back at Saxon and they mutually decided to stand up. Now it was Shaugn’s turn for a take down and started some ground and pound. Saxon reversed the position, Shaugn reversed the position. He started some more ground and pound, when Saxon gave his back, jsut as Shaugn was about to sink in a rear naked choke, Saxon turn onto hsi back, only to receive his first loss ever, via a ref stoppoage (TKO)

Heavyweight: Knife Didier-Kilola VS Ricky Misholas

RND 1: Straight off the bat they went at each other throwing everything into every shot. After some back and forth and a random high kick from Knife, Knife caught Ricky with a great slip and right handto score a magnificent walk off KO.

Lightweight: Alain Ilunga VS Sibusiso Mdoko

RND 1: This whole round was pretty much spent in clinch to take down and stand back up. Neither guy giving aninch and constant sweeps and reversals. Mdoko did have the advantage of being on top the majority.

RND 2: Alain starterd with some super powerful and loud roundhouses. Mdoko decided to go a takedown and managed it, but ended standing again. Alain landed one more big kick and that seemed to light a fire under ‘The Monstor’ and he went for another take down and ended in full mount. He then unleashed his ground and pound and the ref stepped in.

Welterweight: Bruno Mukulu VS Gordon Roodman

RND 1: Round started with both guys throwing some big shots but hitting nothing but air. Then ended up in a clinch against the cage, from there Bruno worked for the takedown into sidecontrol. As they stand up, Gordan landed a big knee on Bruno, but it lost a lot of its power due their already upwards movement. They seperated and and had another striking exchange where Bruno landed a big kick  and narrowly dodged and powerful boxing combo from Gordan. Then in another exchange, Bruno threw one of his spinning back kicks and caught Gordan in the groin. 5 minutes recovery. Round ends without anything else significant happening.

RND 2: Straight from the bell they went back at a blistering pace exchanging combos. Bruno seemed to be edging ahead with low leg kicks. Gordan at this point stepped back and put his hand on his hip, to taunt Bruno to come in,; but it looked like he was trying to buy time to recover. With those low kicks though, Bruno caught Gordan with another spinning back kick to the groin and Gordan got another 5 minutes and Bruno a final warning. They went at it again, catching each other with big shots until the bell went.

RND 3: They both came aggressive in the third round, Gordan managed a take down and ended in Bruno’s guard. While both guys were working, they were not getting anywhere and the ref stood them up. This time it was Bruno’s turn to taunt and buy some time by asking the crowd to cheer for him. After another exchange, Bruno managed another take down against the cage. During the scramble, Gordan grabbed the cage twice; witch the ref did not see. After some more exchanges on the ground, the bell went and we went to a decision, The first one fo the night.

Ends with a Majority draw, 29 – 28, 28 – 28, 28 – 29


Lightweight: Regis Muyambo VS Igeu Kabesa

Rnd 1: This was back and forth battle with Igue mostly incontrol with his wrestling and take downs. There was a lot of reversals from both guys, but Igue just ad better superior positions for longer.

RND 2: 2nd round starts and Regis attempts a single leg take down, but Igue manages to sprawl and gets side control. He starts to lay some heavy ground and pound. This allows him to mount Regis. Regis then gave him his back and Kabesa went to work until the ref steps in and ends it.

Welterweight: David Buirski VS Marcel Teniers

They started very slowly without throwing anything. Eventually Marcel unleashed a big hand on David and they clinch up. Marcel attempted a take down, but David landed in full mount. They stayed in that position with Buirski landing occasional strikes, David managed to posture up and lay in ground and pound until the ref stepped in to protect the fighter.

Heavyweight: Elvis Moyo VS Brendon Groenewald

RND 1: It started off slow with Brendan circling Elvis. Brendan eventually went for a take down, but Elvis managed to stop it and attempted a guillotine choke. Brendan eventually worked a take down to half guard and then passed to a North South position. Some how, Elvis muscled his way up to his feet when Brendan attempted another takedown. Here he worked into a mount and just unleashed some ground and pound with Elvis trying to strike back. it was too little too late and the ref stepped in to give Brendan his ticket into a vacant Heavyweight title fight with Walravens.

Bantamweight: Charlie Weyer VS Irshaad Sayed

We started with Charlie picking off Irshaad with his boxing. Managed to open and throw Irshaad off his game. However, Charlie made the mistake of shooting in, which failed and Irshaad countered and ended in a top position. From there he kneed very hard and then stood up and threw a huge right straight into Charlie’s face. Charlie then gave Irshaad his back and he managed to sink in a rear naked choke for the victory. He then humbly asked EFC Africa for a shot at the title vs the winner of Demarte Pena and Zulu Boy.

Catchweight: Boyd Allen VS Don Madge

RND 1: Both guys come out respectful of each other and pacing themselves. Boyd stringing together good hand combos while don using a bigger mixture of hands and feet. Round ends in a clinch.

Rnd 2: We have much the same with neither fighter really looking for any ground. Don landed a many low leg kicks on Boyd’s lead leg and Boyd landed a few combos on Don’s body.

RND 3: Another cracker of a round that was close. Don edging ahead with momentum and landing more kicks. But Boyd has been lading some power hand and elbow combos. Don has blood dripping from his cauliflour ear.

RND 4: Starts with much the same, but you can feel the tension as the pace is increasing. Both guys keeoing to their games plans until the end, when Boyd shoots for a take down, but Don stifles it and reverses to land on top.

RND 5: The last and final round we saw another step up in pace with both guys showing their technical skills and how durable they are too. And how amazing was Don’s jumping round house? ANyways, we go to points after another stuff reversed take down.

It went to a draw!

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