Yokkao 9 Results

Sudsakorn Sor Klinmee vs Yi Long at YOKKAO 9!

Yokkao 9 took place this weekend with what looks like a fantastic event. While I am not a huge fan of these Muaytha vs Kung Fu fights as they have to fight K1 rules and thus isn’t really Muaythai any more. This did however look to be a good match up. We will post the videos as soon as they are live, but for now here are the full results.

Sudsakorn Sor Klinmee (Thailand) won by points vs Yi Long (China)
-72kg K-1 rules 3×3

N’Diaye Carl (France) lost by points vs Fang Bian (China)
-80kg K-1 rules 3×3

Qiu Jianliang (China) won by points vs Imwiset Pornnarai (Thailand)
-67kg Muay Thai Full Rules 3×3

Calogero Palmeri (Italy) lost by points vs Yang Zhou (China)
-67kg K-1 rules 3×3

Ekapop Sor Klinmee (Thailand) lost by points vs Nu Er La (China)
-80kg K-1 rules 3×3

Runmai Mo Tammachat (Thailand) won by TKO (corner stoppage) (vs Ji Wenhao (China)
-58kg Muay Thai Full Rules 3×3

Igor Klimovich (Belarus) lost by points vs Li Ning (China)
-60kg K-1 rules 3×3

Kamel Meztani (France) lost by TKO (referee stoppage) Guo Xi Chuang (China)
-74kg K-1 rules 3×3

Philaphaeng Walchart (Thailand) lost by points vs Deng Ze Qi (China) ***Pakorn injured
-65kg Muay Thai Full Rules 3×3

Gustavo Ferreira De Oliveira Mendes (Brazil) lost by points vs Zhou Tao (China)
-70kg K-1 rules 3×3

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