FightStar Blanket Drive At FS7


The FightStar Blanket Drive Aims To Help The Less Fortunate Through A Cold Winter In 2014

Fightstar is holding a blanket drive and is opening it up to all who attend the event with a great incentive! All those who bring in their blankets will receive a raffle ticket per blanket that will enter them into a draw for a grand prize, a Mystery FightStar Hamper!

Through the life of the promotion, FightStar has always been heavily involved in charity work through Fighting Fit Kensington and other charities donating over R55, 000 last year alone to the uplifting of those less fortunate.

“Every year we do a drive at the gym to collect blankets. What better place to strech our reach and get more of the MMA community involved in a great cause. ” – Grant Oliff, FightStar Matchmaker

This year FightStar hopes to get the fans more involved by holding a raffle where the entry for a ticket is only a blanket.

” As Chairman of the Fighting Fit Africa Youth Development Program, I’ve always been about the upliftment  and betterment of people and with a cold winter expected, what better way than helping those less fortunate keep warm. ”
– Pietro Cignoli, FightStar President

FightStar 7 promises to be the biggest and best event yet, and so far everytime FightStar has said they would be better they have not failed. So get your tickets now!
For more information on ticket sales please contact
or call 011 657 4435

FightStar is proudly brought to you by Smacktalk, Fighting Fit Kensington, Pitbull Energy, Hunter MMA, Teazers, Venum fight wear and EFC Africa

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