FightStar 7: Live Play by Play

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1) BW Rourke Bouffe vs. Peter Porlas

Round 1: These little guys can roll!! It went to the ground VERY quickly & that’s where it stayed. Peter got the initial TD & took Rourke’s back, but Rourke escaped & attempted his own arm bar!!

Round 2: More of the same!! their intensity is astounding! Straight to the ground once again, with Rourke getting the TD, but getting caught in a guillotine choke. He managed to escape, but the round went to Porlas.

Round 3: WOW!! Love the skill level shown!! Porlas proving to be the better grappler & dominating the round & taking the W by unanimous decision.

2) WW JP Le Roux vs. Rudi Roets

Round 1: Another ground battle on our hands here, folks. Rudi showing some good ground skills & JP showing decent dirty boxing skills.

Round 2: Great ground skills by Rudi Roets!! He asserted his authority on the fight early on in the round & took it by SUB to an arm bar, halfway through the round.

3) BW JP Maree vs. Josemare Octavio

Round 1: If you blinked, you missed it!! Josemare landed a vicious head kick in the 1st 26 seconds, to stun JP badly!! He then followed JP to the ground & finished him off with some brutal GnP!! Josemare by TKO!!

4) MW Rudolf van Heerden vs. Tiaan Voges

Round 1: A bit of a mismatch here, with Rudolf dishing out a quick & painful boxing lesson, to take the win in less than 2 minutes, by TKO, with the ref having to call it.

5) LW Joseph Phutiagae vs. Donald Mabusela

Round 1: It started frenetically, with these two exchanging kicks, but from there, it went to the ground, with Donald showing some great Judo skills. The round, however, ended with Joseph in Donald’s guard & pounding him from there.

Round 2: They came out much the same but Donald ended it quickly with some GnP, to take it by TKO.

6) WW Mo Dudhia vs. Quinton Osmers

Round 1: WOW… a bit of an upset… This was not expected!! It ended within 2 minutes, with Quinton getting the TD & from there putting on an arm in Guillotine choke, to take the win by SUB!!

7) WW Dirk Smits vs. James van Reenen

Round 1: They initially traded blows, with James proving the harder hitter. When they did go to ground, it was pretty evenly matched.

Round 2: They went to ground early in the round & spent most of it there, with dominance a back & forth affair.

Round 3: Another ground round… not the most skillful fights of the night. In the end, it went to the judges, who gave it to Dirk, by UD.

8) MW Robbo vs. Bendan Lesar

Round 1: Not a lot of action in this round… Robbo Physically stronger, but Lesar working hard on the ground…

Round 2: WOW!! a completely different fight!! Lesar threw an early kick, which Robbo countered with a huge right hook, which stunned Lesar!! They went to the canvas, but it was Lesar that ended in full mount!! He controlled the round from there, ending the round trying to get the RNC.

Round 3: Robbo should have kept it standing… He let Lesar take it to the ground again. Once there, Lesar quickly gained full mount. Robbo gave up his back & Lesar wasted no time in putting on the RNC, to take the W by SUB.

9) MW Timothy York-Hart vs. Armand Steyn

Round 1: Quickly to the ground, with York asserting early dominance, but a stupid mistake by him let Steyn escape a RNC, to end the round in full mount.

Round 2: A bit of an up & down round, with both men scoring TD’s. in the end though, it was Steyn who secured the win by SUB to an ankle lock.

10) BW Norman Lekogothoane vs. Steven de Bruin

Round 1: A quick TD by Norman saw him land on the top & finish the fight in 46 seconds by TKO, from GnP.

11) MW Shogun vs. Stephen Pennel

Round 1: A quiet start to the fight… Apart from a leg kick that wobbled Pennel & Shogun slamming him to the canvas, not a very exciting round.

Round 2: Shogun slammed Pennel to the canvas again but they were quickly back up, only for Pennel to pull guard & try for a Kimura. The ref eventually stood them up & Shogun managed to do some excellent counter punching.

Round 3: It started with Shogun catching one in the groin, but ended with Pennel catching a couple on the chin!! Shogun rushed Pennel & landed 2 MASSIVE rights, to knock him out cold!! Shogun with the win by KO.

12) WW Patrick Luindula vs. HP van Staaden

Round 1: The round started with Patrick throwing & landing a few kicks, but it soon went to the ground with HP asserting his dominance there. It ended with HP trying to sink a RNC.

Round 2: HP shot right in & quickly got Patrick’s back. Patrick tried to slam him on his back, which gave HP the perfect opening for a RNC. HP made no mistake & sunk it deep, to get the win by SUB.

13) LW Willie Mackay vs. Shaun van Tonder

Round 1: A very evenly matched round, with neither man able to assert himself in the round.

Round 2: Willie tried to keep it standing, but was eventually forced to pull guard & then transitioned into side control, before the end of the round.

Round 3: Another uneventful round, which saw Willie taking it to the ground & ending the round in full mount. The judges gave the win to Willie by Unanimous Decision

14) BW Cassim Khusu vs. Roevan de Beer

Round 1: There were literally only 2 incidents of contact in that round & one was when they touched gloves…

Round 2: A more eventful round than the 1st, but still not much to write home about…Cassim pursuing Roevan & landing some decent body shots.

Round 3: Cassim came out aggressively again, but Roevan’s corner must have told him that he was losing on points, so he was also much more aggressive. The judges, however, saw it as a one sided affair & gave it to Cassim, by UD.

15) LW Francois Meyer vs. Cole Henning

Round 1: WOW!! Something to liven things up with!! Cole came out like a demon, but it was Meyer who managed to lock in a Guillotine choke & take the win by SUB.

16) LHW Johan Brits vs. Colin Hume

Round 1: Johan rushed in early in the round & was slammed to the canvas. From there, Colin gained the mount & stared unloading on Johan, but that was not the end! Johan managed to reverse the situation & ended the round on the top & laying down his own GnP.

Round 2: Johan tried for an early guillotine choke attempt, but Colin escaped & gained the full mount. He capitalised on the mount & took the victory by TKO due to GnP.

17) MW Cameron Pritchard vs. Hennie Bronkhorst

Round 1: Hennie came out surprisingly strong, controling Cameron on the ground & in the clinch for most of the round, but in the end, it was Cameron who managed to get Hennie’s back & the victory by SUB to RNC.

18) LHW Quaid Openshaw vs. Chad Hanekom

Round 1: Chad took it to Quaid & dominated from the start! Whether standing or on the ground! Quaid never stood a chance & soon succumbed to a fierce onslaught from Chad. The winner by TKO due to GnP, Chad Hanekom.

19) BW Jasen van der Merwe vs. JD van der Merwe

Round 1: What a fast-paced round!! Jasen showing great boxing skills & a phenomenal work rate. JD was not resting on his laurels though, making his shots count.

Round 2: JD took the fight to Jasen in this round, stalking him & landing some telling blows, before shooting for the TD. It was Jasen, however, that landed on top & in full mount, where he stayed till the end of the round.

Round 3: JD controlled the cage, stalking Jasen for most of the round, but Jasen wasn’t holding back & they traded blows on a number of occasions! Eventually it was Jasen who managed to sink a Guillotine choke, but too late, as the round ended….

Round 4: TOE TO TOE FOR ALMOST THE WHOLE ROUND!!! JD looks like his nose is broken, but that didn’t phase him in the least, as he went after Jasen like a Pitbull!!

Round 5: THE SAME AGAIN!!!! JD took it to Jasen the whole round!!! Jasen stood his ground & counter punched like a champ!! when it did go to the ground, in the dying moments, it was Jasen who gained the advantage & was unleashing some GnP when the final bell went. The winner….Jasen, by UD.

20) FW Tjaard Henning vs. Frenchie

Round 1: It would have been a great round, if not for Frenchie being cautioned for an illegal blow & compounding his error by removing his headgear & throwing a tantrum. By the time he regained his composure, the round was nearly over….

Round 2: An action-packed round with Frenchie getting the TD, but Tjaard eventually getting his back & trying for a RNC.

Round 3: Tjaard took it quickly to the ground & gained Frenchie’s back. From there he got his hooks in & sunk a RNC, only to let it go & transition to full mount & unload smoe mean GnP, to win the fight & the FW title by TKO!!

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