EFC 30: One for the fans

EFC 30 Fight Card I am starting to write this piece about 2 weeks out from EFC 30 and it is proving to be a rather difficult affair. We are looking at another 12 fight card headlined with a super figth at a catch weight between former Lightweight Champion Don Madge vs No. 1 Featherweight Contender Boyd Allen. There are also many home town heroes in the mix in the likes of Regis Muyambo, Irshaad Sayed and Marcel Teniers; and that is just the main card. To be honest, as much as I would liek to have seen a Capetonian hold another EFC title, I am glad we are not seeing another trilogy between Don and Leon for now. It is going to happena nd it will be great, but I feel it needs a bit more time for the build up. In the mean time, we get to see a fight that would have probably never materialized between 2 of the most technical fighters in the EFC. So bravo to EFC for this fight, I am super excited to be cage side for this one! Besides the main event, there are in total 6 athletes making their EFC debut, each with their own varying skills and abilities wanting to make their mark on their divisions. Lets dive into:

Nathan Fredericks vs Sindile Manengela
Nathan is on an unbeaten winning streak in the amateur ranks in Cape Town, where as not too much is known about Sindile. I managed to watch some of his fights and he seemed to come off very athletic with some rough skills. I do not think he will be enough to handle Nathan’s technical prowess on the ground though. Nathan should take this via an armbar or triangle in the first.

Chad Hepburn vs Tshilomba Mulumba
Another EFC debut in Tshilomba Mulumba vs Cape Townian EFC Veteran Chad Hepburn. Thilomba has had a pretty impressive amatuer K1 & MMA record having numerous victories at CFL. This is however a massive step up in skills and experience which will put him to the test. Hard to predict, but i see Tshilomba having a strong enough stand up and take down defence to win on points.

Roelof Scheepers vs Dalcha Lungiambula
In the smallest weight division, we have the light heavyweights, and it is great to see 2 new additions to the category. First in the form of former heavyweight Roelof Scheepers who is coming off 2 losses in the heavyweigth division and looking to reinvent his professional career. On the other hand we have Judo & Brazilian Jiu Jitsu champ Dalcha. This is his EFC debut but has pro experience having beaten for EFC Title contender Jacques Joubert. Having seen Dalcha competing at local  grappling contest I know he is coming into this with massive power and the theoretical size difference won’t matter. I see this going the way of 1st round staoppage via ground and pound in favour of Dalcha.

Ricky Misholas vs Didier Kilola Lubika
Didier or as he likes to call himself, ‘knife';recently won the CFL Heavyweight Title in rather convincing fashion. However, he faces much tougher competition in the form of Ricky Misholas. Ricky has a win against Dewald Botes and is gonna want a shot at the gold so will be hungry for that win. I see Ricky winning this via a KO either late int he first round or middle of the second round.

Sibusisu Mdoko vs Alain Illunga
First off these guys used to be training partners over at Panther Cape Town, so it makes one wonder about how much they under stand each others games. Since they know each other well, they should be producing a more technical, entertaining fight. Alain is on a 3 fight loosing streak and needs to get the win, where as Sibusisu is on a  2 fight win streak since his close loss and debut to Alex Cheboub. On paper they are pretty close, both with accomplishments in kickboxing and pretty decent ground games. I think this is gonna come down to the better conditioning and we will see Sibusisu Mdoko taking it on points. This guy just gets stronger as the rounds tick on.

Gordan Roodman vs Bruno Mukulu
Gordon comes into this bout with a very big name and an impressive amateur record. Where as Boney has more professional experience, but its really not a significant amount. Not to count Bruno out, but I think Gordan is technically to far ahead for him and has this one in the bag. I see it going by way of ground and pound to Gordan in the 2nd round.

Igeu Kabesa vs Regis Muyamba
This fight is one I have wanted to see for a while, and rather happy that it is gonna be on the main card. Both these guys are highly talented and rather young. Also been enjoying their playful twitter banter. Also note, Igue is the older brother of Texier Kabesa who Regis pretty much demolished in his last appearance. Both have decent stand up and fantastic ground. I think Igue has the advantage with the striking though, but we will see. I can’t really give a good prediction here as I feel it is too close to call. I will give it to Regis as he has the home ground advantage, but he needs to be wary of Igue’s wrestling…

Marcel teniers vs David Buirski
This is going to be a bout of will. I see both guys very even in every skills aspect. This is going to come down to who wants it more and has the better conditioning. I think we will see a finish in the 3rd round but as to whom, its anyone’s guess.

Brendon Groenewald vs Elvis Moyo
Here we have a classic striker vs grappler. The winner of this bout will face Christopher Walravens for the Heavyweight title. I don’t feel that Elvis is really eligable for a number 1 contender bout after a single victory, but seeing as there isn’t really anyone else with a recent win; it goes to him and Brendon. Elvis’s camp claimed in a video they are ready for Brendon’s take downs; we have not seen anything from him showing a take down defence. I can’t really see this going any other way than Brendon working to the ground and scoring a rear naked choke in the 2nd round.

Irshaad Sayed vs Charlie Weyer
This bout I feel is going to be similiar as with the Leo Gloss bout. Although will be a much bigger challenge for Irshaad. Charlie comes into this bout off a title fight loss to Zulu. And as with Leo he is coming with some high level boxing. But Irshaad already showed that his boxing is on par. If we look at the ground skills, I still feel that Irshaad’s skills are way ahead of Charlie. This one is gonna go to Irshaad in the 2nd round with some ground and pound. My thoughts are ahead though to who will get No. 1 contender about against winner of Zulu and Demarte? Is Francois Groenewald or Irshaad should he win this bout next in line?

Don Madge vs Boyd Allen
Look both guys are severely ahead in technical skills compared to the majority in the EFC. How ever, Don is still a far more complete package than Boyd. This will be a very different fight to his Leon Maynardt bouts as they required a different style completely. I think neither of these guys will struggle wo claim their titles in their respective divisions, but I don’t think Boyd will have what it takes to beat Don. Regardless of the victor, it is going to be an epic fight to make EFC history. Still, Don to win this in the 4th round.


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10 thoughts on “EFC 30: One for the fans

  1. Aahhh, I hate having to disagree with such a knowledgable person, but here goes :)

    These are my predicted wins:
    Nathan on groundwork. I don’t underestimate Tshilomba, but Hepburn’s making a comeback (but I didn’t say so ;) lol). Scheepers via KO. Respect to Ricky, but here comes the Knife. Don’t put money on Mdoko, Alain has this one. Roodman (need I say more). Regis && Igeu is a close call, but agreed, this one will go to Regis. Marcel for the W. I don’t think Elvis is entirely ready for what he thinks he is, so Brendon’s taking this one. This is Irshaad’s homegrounds, let’s just hope the voice over gets his surname correct this time :) lastly, Don Madge (cos I have to say so, I guess) lol, no really :)

    • Yes you do have to say so…..because the Don win is inevitable! #ManbeastLegion See you there girlfriend

      • Hahaha!! See, se… I knew someone would be watching over me ;) lol!! Psyched outta my mind Pauline

  2. I’m new to this so here are my two cents worth

    (hope it proves more valuable than two cents)


    Fredericks vs Manengela – supporting Fredericks for the win


    Based on previous bouts I am thinking Tshilomba for the win against Chad considering Hepburn’s record…


    Roelof vs Dalcha – should it go to the ground Roelof has no ground to stand on – excuse the pun – since Roelof is more stand up oke and Dalcha has loads of ground work training…


    Gona have to agree with the Didier “knife” vs Ricky bout… something much anticipated for…


    Mdoko has the potential but Alain will be in it for the win for sure!!


    For mere hotness I’m supporting Gordon on this one!! Don’t underestimate a pretty face, there’s a beast in there…


    Kabesa vs Muyamba – should be entertaining and going with Regis for the win…


    Not so sure about Tieners vs Burski – should be close call tho, however rooting for homeground on this one…


    Supporting Brendon Groenewald against Moyo becuase Moyo doesn’t have the experience Groenewald has


    Irshaad Sayed for the win against Weyer, all because it’s homeground and he is training to make a helluva impression for family, friends and fans; and this is a fight well anticipated by many…


    And finally…. I’m betting on Don Madge with this one for obviaas reasons – hoping for some good action since both are training and ready for war…

  3. Fredericks


  4. Ok let me see,

    I’m going to pick the fights i know. Have not seen the other fighters fights or live so i can’t really judge them.

    Ok Saxon vs Michael i see you don’t have anything up on that fight.They both young and talented no doubt about that. Saxon has more KO’s tho. He is a beast when he steps into the Ring. Have seen him fight in Durban. This guy is dangerous and at 19 years old he is going to tear through everyone in years to come. He is not that tall but he makes that up with his strength and speed. Stand up or ground he is talented in both. His debut come on beating a pro fighter in 30 odd seconds 1st round also awarding sub of the night. Michael seen him also fight in Cape Town. Also a very god fighter no doubt. He has speed and power but i don’t see him beating Saxon.
    I predict Saxon 1st round Tko or Sub

    Ricky Misholas vs Didier Kilola Lubika. Gosh don’t know so much about Didier but what i have heard he is a very good fighter. Ricky on the other hand i have seen fight so no a bit more. Ricky just lost again Sors was a very good fight. Sors was a a good match up for him has they both like to stand and trade. Sors just got the better of him. I think a re-match would be great. Ricky’s next fight was against Ruan Potts who was stopping at nothing to get back as no1 Contender this was a big step up for Ricky tho Ruan is just to good.

    I predict this match to go to Ricky if they stand up knowing i know that he can take some good hits and throw some big punches. I say fight to end by TKO.

    Sibusisu Mdoko vs Alain Illunga

    Alain is very unlucky but to be honest and no disrespect he came in with to much of a big head and thought he won before the fight had even started against Peter Nyide. He got taught not to under estimate your opponent. Fight against Hanru i think that got to his head also knowing Hanru’s wrestling backround. Tho was a very good fight that he just lost. Alain has beaten Wesley Hawkey and was on a 3 Win streak. If he has come to the party i think he will win. Sibusisu i see you wrote up at training partners etc. Yes they will know one another very well but i don’t know much about him. I think Alain will take him out either by Tko or Sub. Alain has something to prove here.

    Igeu Kabesa vs Regis Muyamba.

    Both are 2-0 so this is tough to call. I think if this fight goes all the way through i predict winner by split. If i have to pick i winner i say Igue he is a very good striker. Tho can’t really say who will win. Let’s wait and see.

    Marcel teniers vs David Buirski

    Well 1st of all We have a Buirski here lol. Born to fight. Those brothers obviously just use to smack each other everyday lol. David i think out of the brothers stands out more of KO guy. Strikes very hard and clean. Ground just as good.To be honest don’t know much of Marcel just heard of him. My thoughts tho. David to win 1st round tko or sub.

    Brendon Groenewald vs Elvis Moyo

    Let’s see Elvis came in beating Sors by split on Debut which to me is a job well done !!! They both gave one another some very good shots each. Hoping this fight is a stand up Tho Elvis boxing back round will be a huge advantage. Brendon last fight he beat Van Dam who was so emotional about there 1st fight he just wanted to come out and prove a point but Brendon gave him one to many shots ref stopped the fight. I agree with your guys write up. I actually don’t think both should be lined up for the Title. Van Zyl should be there even tho he just lost. Tho maybe let’s see what happens after EFC 31 coming from his injury.

    I predict this fight …… Gosh i’m not sure but put a gun to my head i say Brendon.

    Irshaad Sayed vs Charlie Weyer

    I’ve been watching Sayed on youtube i think he is going to rattle Weyer. Sayed is in another class to Weyer. This fight won’t go all the way i don’t even think this fight should of been a head of the Main bout. Tho i understand there was a lot off fights cancelled due to injury’s so EFC i forgive you.

    Finally we get to

    Don Madge vs Boyd Allen

    I don’t know what to say but Damn !!!

    I follow and enjoy watching both of these amazing fighters. Don has the edge but boyd is such as good. They both were born to do this no doubt about that. Boyd just seems like that quite guy in the corner so humble etc that i wan’t him to win but then i look at Don and think wow action wham bam thank you mam so i wan’t him to win ….. Boyd watch out for Don’s kicks that’s all i can say while you standing or in a clinch.Don will hurt you there. Don i can tell you watch out for Boyd’s clinches also he will make you tap given any chance.

    Tho let me bite the bullet and say this goes to Split favoring Don.

  5. I would say everyone is there to do their best. And everyone will. Its who is more mentally prepared. Each fight is going to be intense and they will be fighting their best givin their all.

    I personally cant wait for marcel teniers fight know he will be great. And want to be there to support him all the way.

    All the beat everyone with yr fights. Win or loose what counts at the end is knowing u gave it yr best

  6. This EFC event has one of the most insane fights lined up. Fights will be intense, audience will have tight grips on the edge of their seats, coaches will be holding thumbs and TV viewers will be glued to the HD screen. My fellow sparring buddy Muyambo will show and prove to his hometown why he deserves yet another win. Mailer will do our local club proud. Former teammates Sibu & Allain will put up one hell of a fight, emotions out the door, this is a tough one to rate.

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