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EFC AFRICA - EFC 29 Fight Card - Fight 051) MBULELO SWEKILE 65.5kg vs. TYSON CHELIN 65.75kg

Round 1: They started out by trading, with Chelin mostly keeping Swekile at bay. When they went to ground, it was Chelin again, who dominated, but he narrowly escaped a guilotine choke at the death of the round.

Round 2: This too started with some early striking, with both men landing a few blows. Chelin, however dominated in close quarters, in the clinch & when they eventually went to the ground.

Round 3: No grappling this round, folks!! Straight-up Muay Thai, with some dirty boxing thrown in. Chelin put on a great striking display, bloodying his opponent, but wasn’t able to finish Swekile off. The judges, however, scored it in Chelin’s favour, all scoring it 30-27 & giving him the win.

http://www.efcafrica.com/events/efc29/fights/EFC_Africa_fightcard_efc_29_coxen_vs_delafield.jpg2) PIETIE COXEN 71.05kg vs. SAXON DELAFIELD 70.0kg

Round 1: If you blinked, you missed it!!!! 31 seconds is all it took Saxon Delafield to submit Coxen with an arm bar!! Game over, thanks for coming…

EFC AFRICA - EFC 29 Fight Card - Fight 04


Round 1: It all started so calmly…. both men feeling each other out… But when, halfway through the round, when Gordon stung Pupanga with 2 left hooks, they went to ground, where he landed a good few elbows from inside Pupanga’s guard.

Round 2: After neither fighter throwing a punch in the 1st minute of the round, Gordon managed to take it to the ground. In doing so, he narrowly escaped an arm bar. When he did, he very quickly managed to lock in his own arm bar to take the win by submission.

EFC AFRICA - EFC 29 Fight Card - Fight 074) DEWALD BOTES 119.5kg vs. RICKY MISHOLAS 109.8kg

Round 1: A very disappointing start to this fight… Nothing to say about it but that Botes first tried to rush in with his hands lowered, which gained him a mark under his right eye. From there, he spent the rest of the round staying clear…

Round 2: This looked to go the same way as the first round, with Botes retreating while Ricky advanced. Botes looked like he only wanted to engage on the ground & quickly backed up when his TD attempt failed. Misholas, however was the epitome of patience, eventually landing a heavy right hook, late in the round, which sent Botes to the canvass. Ricky was on him immediately, pressing his advantage & taking the win by TKO from some brutally swift GnP.

EFC AFRICA - EFC 29 Fight Card - Fight 085) MARK HULME 76.9kg vs. MORNE PRINSLOO 76.85kg

Round 1: This one was SO disappointing… It ended in under 2 minutes, with Hulme being disqualified after landing repeated illegal elbow strikes to Prinsloo’s spine. Prinsloo was unable to continue, but gets the win.

EFC AFRICA - EFC 29 Fight Card - Fight 066) FRANCOIS GROENEWALD 62.85kg vs. LEO GLOSS 63.95kg

Round 1: After a brief exchange of strikes, it inevitably went to the ground, where Groenewald immediately asserted his dominance. He first took Leo’s back, but Leo managed to roll & put Francois into full mount. Once there, he unleashed a barrage of punches, to take the win by TKO from GnP.

Gloss was unhappy with the stoppage, feeling it was too early. Having watched the replay, he sustained 8 – 12 blows & didn’t look like he was going to recover at all. So it was a great piece of safe reffing

EFC AFRICA - EFC 29 Fight Card - Fight 09


7) PETER NYIDE 65.05kg vs. GARETH BUIRSKI 65.8kg

Round 1: It went to the ground quite quickly, with Gareth shooting for the TD, but Nyide landing on top, in his guard. Nyide was working Gareth’s ribs relentlessly, when Gareth trapped Peter’s right arm, preventing him from defending a MASSIVE barrage of elbows to the head. It was a beauty to behold!! it isn’t often that you see a fighter win by TKO due to GnP from the bottom. A well deserved win to Gareth!!

EFC AFRICA - EFC 29 Fight Card - Fight 108) ALEXANDER CHEBOUB 71kg vs. WADE GROTH 68.8kg

Round 1: What a round!!!! Alex pursued Wade relentlessly, but took more than a few punches to the head. Both men landed telling blows . When it did go to ground, it was Wade who landed elbows from the bottom.

Round 2: These 2 men are true warriors!! Neither willing to back down. They exchanged blows continuously for the whole round. It was only when Alex landed a massive body kick that sent Wade sprawling & bouncing against the cage. However, when Wade bounced back, he landed the punch that ended it, knocking Alex to the canvass & getting the win by KO. Well done to both men for a well fought battle royale!

EFC AFRICA - EFC 29 Fight Card - Fight 119) JEREMY SMITH 82.95kg vs. MICHIEL OPPERMAN 83.3kg

Round 1: Frenetic stuff!! Smith was cut above the eye early on, with Michiel looking like a man possessed! Halfway through the round, there was a break so that Smith’s cut could be attended to. By the end of the round, he was cut above both eyes!

Round 2: And it JUST GETS BETTER!!! Michiel went after Smith in much the same way, but Smith’s incredible boxing skill slowed him down completely. Smith worked his body relentlessly!!!

Round 3: I would NEVER have believed that the 3rd could better the 1st two, but it did!!! Neither warrior backed down! Even when Smith was knocked to the canvass & Michiel followed up with BRUTAL GnP, it was not the end!! The Pitbull took all the Dr. had to give & STILL stood up to give it straight back!!! It was dirty boxing & Muay Thai vs Boxing, & what a display it was!! By the end of the round, both men were bloodied & hurting, but neither was backing down. Both Shot for TD’s & they went to the ground numerous times, only to stand right back up & hammer at each other again. The ENTIRE arena was on their feet, chanting for their favourite. In the end, it went to the judges, who gave it to Michiel by split decision.

This has to be FOTN!! Truly incredible!! True warriors & true gentlemen. Great ambassadors for the sport.

EFC AFRICA - EFC 29 Fight Card - Fight 1210) BRENDON KATZ 66.0kg vs. BAREND NIENABER 65.6kg

Round 1: A very strong round for Barend. He managed to get 2 TD’s & asserted complete control on the ground.

Round 2: Barend controlled the entire round, on the ground, from inside Katz’s guard. Highly technical.

Round 3: Initially, Katz was trying to defend the TD, but got tagged. When he defended the strikes, he was summarily  taken to the ground, where he was kept. Nienaber exhibited flawless Jujitsu skills, completely dominating his opponent & taking the win by unanimous decision.

With that victory, Nienaber fights Boyd Allen next, for the Featherweight title.

EFC AFRICA - EFC 29 Fight Card - Fight 13EFC AFRICA Welterweight Championship 
11) DINO BAGATTIN 76.9kg vs. HENRY FADIPE 77.2kg

Round 1: The Welterweight Champ’s curse continues… The belt is going back to Ireland. It was a quick end to this bout, with Henry Fadipe landing a sweet right hook right on the button, to stop Bagattin, before the halfway mark. Fadipe always said that he was going to win by KO.

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