Enfusion Reality Announces Cast For New Female Season


Enfusion Reality TV show has been around for a few seasons taking on a big brother style show with Muaythai fights being the determining factor in staying on the show. It is a little bit different to other shows like The Contender in that there are 5 teams with a famous team captains that have their own little tournament amongst themselves. It is also all filmed in a much shorter period of time and done in a tournament style in one night show. This season’s title is “WHO’S WONDER WOMAN”

All of this aside, they have announced the first time they are having a female cast which you can read below. Notable stand outs are Fatima Pinto (Norway), Tiffany van Soest (USA) & Iman Barlow (England). Last but definitely not least is South African Ferial Ameerroedien. She joins the list of other South Africans to have been on the show Vuyisile Collossa & Andrew Thompson.

The only coach to be announced so far is Daniel Sam, Enfusion’s Heavyweight Champion.

The full list of competitors is as follows:

1) Fatima Pinto (Norway)
2) Johanna Rydberg (Sweden)
3) Ferial Ameerroedien (South Africa)
4) Plamena Dimova (Germany)
5) Germain Yeap (Malaysia)
6) Samantha van Doorn (The Netherlands)
7) Soraya Haurisa (Indonesia)
8) Isis Verbeek (The Netherlands)
9) Marina Zueva (Russia)
10) Filipa Correia (Portugal)
11) Adi Rotem (Israel)
12) Tiffany van Soest (USA)
13) Iman Barlow (England)

Let us know below in the comments section who you think will win this tournament?

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