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Buakaw & Victor Face off at weigh in. Pic from Warriors of the Mongkong

Buakaw & Victor Face off at weigh in.
Pic from Warriors of the Mongkong

There seems to be a new kid on the Muaythai block in Thailand and he is doing things a bit different to what we have become accustomed to with Thai Fight. Combat Banchamek is a new promotion by Buakaw Banchamek; he also fights on the card.What is different in these fights to Thai Fight, is the they are afr more evenly matched bouts, instead of the usual Thai being far superior in ability and experience to his western opponent. There were many awesome match ups in their first promotion and I am excited to see what else they have have in store for us in the coming months. Apparently Buakaw did all the match making himself, which is interesting as he chose to take on Muay Guy friend Victor Ngabe who is coming of  a recent KO victory of Kem Sitsongpeenong. Enjoy the fights and results below.

Many thanks to LiveMuaythaiGuy for the quick uploads.

Fight Results: 

Andre Kulebin def. Yang Zhou via Unanimous Decision (Points)
Chao Chao def. Flo Singpatong via Unanimous Decision
Rungravee Sasiprapa vs Mathius Sitsongpeenong Draw
Saencahi def. Kamen Picken via Unanimous Decision
Buakaw Banchamek def. Victor Nagbe via Unanimous Decision

Andre Kulebin VS Yang Zhou

Chao Chao VS Flo Singpatong

Rungravee Sasiprapa VS Mathius Sitsongpeenong

Saencahi VS Kamen Picken

Buakaw Banchamek VS Victor Nagbe

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