Finish Friday 37 – Just Ridiculous

Baby Gorilla Finish Friday

I bet you are wonderring why I have used a picture of a cute baby gorilla. Its cause I still can’t get over the craziness of the GIF below, that it could happen in what is the highest level of MMA. There is no actual reason other than I couldn’t find nice pic of a gorilla smashing bricks or a table or something so I thought a little contrast will have to do, besides look at him/her, too cute. Also guys, if you haven’t yet, you should enter the Cape Fight League 6 ticket comp. Only a few hours left to go. Fights are gonna me awesome.

So on Monday I came across this utterly crazy GIF from ZombieProphet from UFC London. This was a bout between Igor Araujo vs. Danny Mitchell. While I can understand how they managed to got to this position, I have no idea how they didn’t try tom improve positions and stop the nonsense. Maybe they were trying a real life version of Rock-em Sock-em Robots?

Next we have the most famous of double knockouts that I know of. We see Dutch legend Ramon Dekker take on his fellow country man, Rayen Simpson. Here we see some well calculated boxing skills to end catching each other on the chin at the same time to KO each other.

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