EFC 28: Thoughts and Predictions

EFC 28 fight card

EFC have finalised the fight card for EFC 28 next week. As you can see above, there are many interesting fights and I am getting excited for this event. There are some pretty interesting matchups on this card. and a few I am going to try and predict or at least give a sort of background history.

Starting with the main event we see rising star JP Kruger vs Gareth McLellan. While we do know that both guys have a pretty decent stand up game, what is interesting in this bout is what will happen on the ground. Gareth, might have submission victories, however has not really faced anyone with a particularly strong ground game yet and there in lies the question of if he will be able to match up to JP’s abilities here. The next question is weather Gareth will have a gas tank to take this into the championship rounds, I believe the longer this fight goes the stronger JP will get.

Norman Wessels vs Chris Du Pont is not a fight that really interests me. quite simply I see Chef winning this quite comfortably, unless he makes a vital error such as mistakenly headbutting Chris.

Christopher Walravens vs Bernardo Mxixi is a really under marketed fight. Both these guys have incredible KO ability and that is exactly what I think is going to happen. Who is going to catch whom, is not something I am sure of, But i have a feeling it is Christopher’s time to start making a move to challenge for the Heavyweight title since its vacancy.

Brendon Grownewald vs Vandam Mbuyi is an awkward rematch that everyone wanted to happen due to the circumstances of Brendon’s victory at EFC27. I feel like what we saw last month was a premonition of whats to come and Vandam is going to over power Brendon standing up. However, what will happen when they hit the ground? I think Brendon’s Jiu Jitsu will be strong enough to pull off a submission, but he has to get to the ground to make that happen.

Lastly on the main card is ‘King’ Leo Gloss vs Chinese champion Irshaad Sayed. Neither guy has fought in over a year and probably hungry to get back in the cage. Irshaad is  a well known Muaythai champion and former Bantam weight RUFF Champion in China. he trains out of Evolve in Singapore and I know thier team is of a truely world class coaching staff and training partners; so you can garuentee he has a well rounded game. Where as in the past we have only seen Leo have strong boxing, but as soon as he was on the ground he would lose control of the fight. I would speculate that he has been working on his ground game significantly the last year, so it is something to watch out for. Will it be enough though? I see Irshaad winning this via ground and pound in the 2nd round.

First fight on the under card we are looking at is Sors Grobbelaar vs Elvis Moyo. Sors is in need of a comback victory to start making his way for a title run again, where as this is Elvis’ debut EFC fight. Both will be hungry for that victory and probably looking for the KO as we know they can both deliver. We do not know anything about Elvis’ ground game and I imagine this is where Sors will have the advantage and probably want to take it and it there.

The young guns Regis Muyambo vs Texier Kabesa. These 2 fought before on the Cape Fight League 3 card as amateurs. This was the first time I have seen Regis controlled in such a dominant fashion. Will Regis have learned from his mistakes a year ago? I asked him about his game plan at CFL6 and he simply said something along the lines of that they do have one, but he won’t talk about it. He seemed really positive about their game plan.

The last fight I am interested in is EFC debutant Wade Sage vs Marcel Teniers. I have only seen Wade fight once and that was a very impressive performance against Nathan Raaths. Wade seemed to posses a well rounded skill set. He will be facing Cape Town’s Marcel Teniers, who in his last bout showed incredible heart, toughness and submission & striking skills. I think has just an edge in abilities over Wade and he will take this in a 2nd round TKO.



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In the mean time, watch the EFC 28 Countdown video with JP Kruger and Gareth McLellan and team interviews.

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5 thoughts on “EFC 28: Thoughts and Predictions

  1. My money is definitely on Soldier boy for the middleweight bout. A very impressive worth ethic and an iron Will. He will be very hard to beat, JP has a massive task ahead of him. The bout will be filled with the heighest MMA quality.

  2. Biggest fight this year JP Kruger and Gareth can’t be missed! Need tickets! Soldier boy gonna take the win!!

  3. Fightfit Militia dominance on display with Soldierboy and Chef going to make them look like amateurs? Groenewald and Walravens will both win their bouts and we’ll see them competing for the belt!
    King Gloss won’t dissappoint on his long overdue return to the cage

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