Cape Fight League 6: Consistent Improvements

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So I have to start this post off with an apology to you the reader’s I was trying to cover the entire event on an Ipad, unfortunately; Ipad does not like wordpress much and it became impossible to live blog the event for you. That being said, here is a run down of last night’s event at the ever improving Cape Fight League 6.

Now, I also don’t want to sound like I am saying they were terrible or anything; I am just appreciating how they have stepped up a level in production, matchmaking and quality of fights with every event; which is why I get so excited for each one; just to see how it has improved even further.

First fight to take my attention was fight 3: Abdul Aziz vs Ashley Robertson. Abdul looked rather unassuming in comparison to Ashley, but what was so noteworthy for me was Ashley’s striking. It was hard, slick and accurate and well timed. Ashley controlled the movement and consistently scoring better than Abdul the entire fight of 4 rounds. There was even a point in the 4th round Ashley tried one of Sanchai’s famous cartwheel kicks to the head, which landed; but without any power.

The first MMA bout of interest to me was Cybor Tshilomba vs Juan Lagriotteria. Both guys have strong finishing ability with Cybor being quite established in the K1 world  and Juan also has a strong ground game. However, they didn’t really go to the ground in this bout and Cybor seemed to shock Juan from the get go with his heavy hands. At first Juan was able to shake off the big hits, but they seemed to increment in damage with each additional shot. Eventually he got rocked and and fell to the floor, Cybor pounced at the opportunity and Juan verbally submitted.

Another K1 bout that caught my eye was Tommy (I think Gun is an appropriate alias for him considering his name and style) vs Johan Roos. This was the third time they were facing each other and the series was tied at 1 a piece, so everything to fight for. They seriously did not leave anything outside of the cage! From the first bell they literally stood in the pocket and banged away.Eventually in the 3rd round they slowed down a little and started throwing leg combos, but as the round drew to a close; they went back at large boxing combos. Into the 4th round, they went back at it full pace. This fight wasn’t pretty or technical, but it was beautiful to watch; and especially see 2 big guys keep such an incredibly high pace through out the fight. Tommy went on to win via a split decision.

Next up and probably KO of the night was Gary Joshua vs Sindile Manengela. This was pretty short and sweet with hem feeling each other out for a few seconds and then engaging. Once they engaged it was all over for Gary Joshua as Sindile connected with a fantastic right cross on Gary’s jaw for a 1 hit KO.

One of the main events was Kurt Deist vs Brandon Maddock. I thought this was going to be more of a war and Kurt would want to keep it standing. However, he went straight in for the single leg take down and was successful. His downfall though was that he stayed in Brandon’s guard and eventually got caught in a Kimura to tap out in the first round.

The second last fight of the night was Qaasim Coetzee vs Anthony Mailer. From the start they looked very evenly matched in physique and style. However, through out the fight Anthony kept scoring take-downs and Qaasim would simply pull guard. Qaasim showed some great ground work, when he worked and nearly sinking in a few submissions.However, he did not show much effort to escape in the in earlier rounds. In the final round, Qassim managed to get Anthony’s back, but forgot to place his hooks and thus Anthony escaped. In the final 15 seconds Qaasim got the full submission in and it looked very deep, but the Anthony managed to survive till the bell and win via a Unanimous decision.

Last fight of the night, we saw Maitre ‘Knife’ vs Jakkie Olivier. These boys were true Heavyweights and so so so big. As we started, Maitre went straight for the takedown and landed on top and started pounding away. Jakkie managed to sweep Maitre and land in his half guard and immediately began working for a better position. He managed to get to a mounted position but as he postured up, Maitre reversed the position to land in Jakkie’s half guard. Maitre started his ground and pound again and Jakkie turned to give him his back. Maitre still hitting him, got his hooks in and eventually the bell went. However, it was a bit hard to tell during that scramble, but apparently Jakkie tapped when he gave up his back and gave Maitre the victory via submission from ground and pound.

I do not usually like to mention gyms, but I have to give props to Tricore gym, they really bring the gees every event they attend; and they attend in large quantity. We as a combat sports community need more gyms/camps to represent like this, it really adds to the atmosphere and will help grow the sports.

Also, I want to hear from you guys. What were your favourite and least favourite parts of Cape Fight League 6?

A big thank you to Nicole from Memories By Nicole for the photography.

Give her a like on Facebook and a follow on twitter (@MBNPhotography)  and definitely book her for events, as you can see her awesome work.

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