Yokkao 7 Weigh In Results and Press Conference


Tonight we get to see if Muay Guy Friend Victor Ngabe gets his revenge on Sanchai in their rematch. We also get to see Umar Semata from Uganda in action against Iwmiset Pornnarai. What is great to see is that Yokkao is offering KO bonuses, albeit only for the main events. But I am sure this will add to more exciting fights and more KOs for the fans. In the mean time, You can watch the pre-fight press conference that happened just after the weigh ins below.

Saenchai Muay Thai Gym vs Victor Nagbe
-65 Kg 3×3 Muay Thai Full Rules ++KO BONUS++
Saenchai 64,8kg
Victor Nagbe 65,9kg

Suedam Kuanjai vs Naimjon Tuhktoboev
-67 Kg 3×3 Muay Thai Full Rules ++KO BONUS++
Naimjon Tuhktoboev -67,3
Suedam will check the weight the same day of the event

Apidej Sitsongpeenong vs Samuel Andoche
-72,5 Kg 3×3 Muay Thai Full Rules
Apidej 72,2kg
Samuel Andoche 71,9kg

Ekapop Sor Klinmee vs Geoffrey Riviere
-78 Kg 3×3 Muay Thai Full Rules ++KO BONUS++
Ekapop Sor Klinmee 77,8kg
Geoffrey Rivière 78,6kg

Imwiset Pornnarai vs Umar Semata
-67 Kg 3×3 Muay Thai Full Rules
Umar Semata 67,4kg
Imwiset Pornnarai 67,4kg

Lommanee Sor Hirun vs Sylvie Von Duuglas-ittu
-48 Kg 3×3 Muay Thai Full Rules
Lommanee Sor Hirun 47,6kg
Sylvie Von Douglas-ittu 47,2kg

Silapeth Sor Suradet 61kg vs Teerawa Sor Surat
-61 Kg 3×3 Muay Thai Full Rules
Silapeth Sor Suradet 58,7kg
Teerawa Sor Surat 60,1kg

Gery Bavetta vs Runmai Mo Tammachat
-55 Kg 3×3 Muay Thai Full Rules
Gery Bavetta 53,7kg
Runmai Mo Tammachat 54,7

Kom Kop Pechthroungrang vs Kamen Picken
-67 Kg 3×3 Muay Thai Full Rules
Kom Kop Pechthroungrang 67,2 kg
Kamen Picken 67,2 kg

We would like to hear your thoughts and predictions for the fights tonight, so leave a comment below:

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