Irshaad Sayed relinquishes RUFF title


Early this morning I received the below press release. While I don’t want to speculate too much and Irshaad has expressed he wants to fight in the EFC; I am going to make an educated guess and say he is moving to the EFC Bantamweight division. This is coming at a very interesting time, since former Featherweight champion Demarte Pena has just relinquished his title to compete in Bantam weight. We are also about to have the first Bantamweight Title fight between Nkazimulo Zulu and Charlie Weyer. This is an already massive division and with Irshaad in the mix, the level is only going to sky rocket.

Irshad Sayed, after winning the 2012 61kg China NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP, has since relocated out of Hong Kong. He is now currently based out of Singapore but is looking to move back to South Africa earlier than what he expected. Hence with deep regret, both RUFF and Irshaad have decided to part ways, purely because the logistics wouldn’t allow him to compete in China on a regular basis.

RUFF has always prioritized fighter’s welfare, and takes the fighter’s interest to heart, has sadly agreed to this separation with Irshaad. 

Irshaad would like to thank Ruff for allowing him to be part of this significant chapter in the promotion’s endeavor to bring MMA to China and wishes Ruff the very best of success

As I said though, this is only an educated guess, we will get confirmation as soon as possible. Should Irshaad sign with EFC, who would you like to see him face in his debut fight?

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  1. Interesting times. With his success in Asia, Irshaad must surely be one of SA’s top 3 P4P fighters?

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