EFC – Best of 2013

EFC Best of 2013

EFC just released their best of 2013 videos featuring Michiel Opperman vs. Dino Bagattin 2 for fight of the year, Frederich Naumann with an interesting arm lock over David van Schalkwyk and Hanru Botha’s KO over Kanyeba Anicet. 

I think they did a pretty good job at choosing thes ye best of for this year. Do you guys agree? Or are there other fights, KOs & submissions you preferred?

At EFC AFRICA 19 Frederich Naumann took victory by what was officially termed a keylock, but fans worldwide have come to call the ‘Ninja Lock.’ He took the title of submission of the year.

At EFC AFRICA 26 Hanru Botha delivered the first walk away KO in EFC AFRICA history, and clinched the title of KO of 2013.

At EFC AFRICA 23 champion Michiel Opperman defended his welterweight belt against Dino Bagattin, the two meeting for the second time. What followed was an unrelenting, five round war, that for it’s sheer non-stop guts has been named the fight of 2013.

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