Cape Fight League 5 – Play by Play Live Results

 K1 – Peter Michaels vs Alain Kulenfuka

‘Rnd 1:  Both guys start off really slow preferring to feel each other out with a few mini exchanges.

Rnd 2: Much of the same feeling each other out, although a pick up in the pace. Alain in the lead with an awkward dump and spinnign back heal kick.

Rnd 3: Both guys went all for nothing in the third anf inal rocking each other.. Winner by Unanimous Decision: Alain Kulenfuka

MMA – Dayne Maddock VS Xolela Ngumani

Rnd 1: Dayne wins by withdrawel.

WMMA – Andrea Hill VS Amy Carter

Rnd 1: Andrea starts with a nice body jab, only for Amy to respond with a double leg takedown. Andrea catches her in a guillotine and holds it for most of the round. Eventually Amy escapes but Andrea reverses and ends up on top in side control. Bell goes..

Rnd 2: Amy charges Andrea into the cage. Eventually working to get the takedown, but it was shortlived as Andrea got the reversal into Amy’s guard and worked some ground and pound.

Rnd 3: Amy rushed in again to be caught th same as round one. Eventually getting free She stood up. This time Andrea rushed in succesfully to land in side control where she locked up Amy’s arm and just smashed away for a TKO in the final seconds of the round.

MMA – Juan Lagrottia vs John Lotriet

Rnd 1: They have a mini boxing exchange. John then rushes Juan against the cage and gets the take down into Juan’s guard. Juan gets the reversal and ground and pounds away for a TKO victory.

MMA – James Rodgers VS Ricardo Jeptha

Rnd 1: Both guys came out banging from the get go. James proved the harder hitter by catching and finishing Ricardo early in the first round to win by KO.

MMA – Nathan Fredericks vs Tshims Tshilomba

Rnd 1: Sharp exchange from both guys. Nathan succesfully managed a take donwn and then worked to mount. Started picking his shots, but Tshims reversed the position. Nathan worked hsi way to his feet and they felt each other out a bit. Both guys land big kicks  just before the bell went.

Rnd 2: Nathan went for another takedown and started working to improve position. Tshims sweeps and lands in Nathans guard and also starts working for position. Nathan then reverses and gets full mount just before the bell goes.

Rnd 3:  Nathan shoots again for the takedown successfully. Tshims manages to stand up, but Nathan gets another takedown. Eventually working to ful mount and working for clean strikes.

MMA – Jean Du Plessis VS Damon Brett

Rnd 1: A light exchange ending with Jean in Damon’s guard. They stay there the rest of the round.

Rnd 2: Another boring round until they stand up, Jean illegally kicked Damon in the head when they are standing up. It ends with another boxing scuffle and goes to points. Winner by Unanimous decision, Jean Du Plessis.

MMA – Aidan Brown VS Mmiselo Mbabne

Rnd 1: Guys come out and quickly go into the clinch, Mmisle scores some knees. They drop to the canvas with Aidan ontop and controlling the movement for the rest of the round.

Rnd 2: Round 2 goes pretty much the same way. They engage with some clinch work. Mmiselo scores a take down and grinds out the round from inside Aidan’s guard.

Rnd 3: Aidan attempts some fancy kicks but fails, Mmiselo counters with a head kick and almost drops Aidan. Aidan then attempts a take down, but Mmiselo ends up on top and works the ground and pound to win by TKO.

K1 – Wisaal Aadams VS Sheena Haines

Rnd 1: Both girls come out swinging hard. Sheena starts pulling ahead with strong and sharper punches and the occasional knee from outside. A few good kicks and punches from Wisaal, but no enough to take the round.

Rnd 2: They come out again swinging for the fences, but Sheena uses her knees again to score an 8 count. After the ref leaves them, Sheena swarms Wisaal again to win by TKO (ref Stoppage)

K1 – Carlos Scheepers vs Darryl Kelly

Rnd 1: Both guys kinda test each others distance a bit. Carlos catches Darryl with a liver kick and winds him. Ref calls it off and Carlos wins by TKO.

K1 – Endi Pegato vs Mathew Marais

Rnd 1: Awesome style excahange. Both throwing head and legs kicks mixed with some quck boxing.

Rnd 2: Endi still slightly ahead in that 2nd round with more kicks and aggresive action, but it is pretty close.

Rnd 3: Both still giving a heck of a show. I feel Endi is still ahead with his well timed leg  kicks and teeps to push Mathew to the ground. But Mathews boxing has been superior.

Rnd 4:  Another awesome round. Endi still slightly ahead by putting Mathew to the canvas with a well timed kicks. Endi wins by unanimous decision.

K1 – Adriaan van Wyk  VS Karl Bergemann

Rnd 1: Karl spends most of the round controlling the distance with his boxing and knees. Scores a nice dump towards the end of the round.

Rnd 2: Karl contines his range game of picking off Adriaan. Adrian decides enough is enough and lands a big uppercut on Karl which rattles him. Adriaan pushes forward landing some more shots, but the bell goes.

Rnd 3: Much of the same, but then Adriaan hits a winding knee and wins by KO

K1 – Johan Roos VS Bobby Borislav

Rnd 1: Both guys swinging wildly for the fences. Johan controlling the movement and more aggressive f the two and landing some bigger shots with Bobby against the fence.

Rnd 2: Bobby gets caught and Johan wins by TKO va ref stoppage

MMA – Knife vs Jean Woodham

Rnd 1: Knife goes straight for a massive take down and goes straight for a Kimura and wins by submission.

K1 CFL Title – Michael Clacher VS Steven Peters

Rnd 1: First round both seem to be feeling not throwing 100% but still landing some nice kicks and punches.

Rnd 2: Michael seem to struggle with the height disadvantage, but made up for it with his power and caught Peters a few times.

Rnd 3: More of a feeling out and Steven walkng forward and pushing Michael against the fence to score points.

Rnd 4:  Steven seems to be picking Michael off with the distance. Michael changes angles and catches him with a big right and clinches up. Bell rings. Winner by unanimous decision is  Michael Clacher.

MMA CFL Title – JP Melim VS Michael Baker

Rnd 1: Starts off with some huge exchanges as expected from the big boys. JP Melim then scores a take down and works his way to Michael’s back to lay some GnP into Michael. Michael escapes into JP’s guard only to be put into an armbar and submit.

K1 CFL Title – Wade Hammond vs Ludolf Pretorius

Rnd 1: Both guys come out huge. Ludolf performs a spinning back heel and catches Wade. Wade gets an 8 count. Wade seems to start coming back, but then gets caught again with ome boxing against the fence to give Ludolf another knock down.

Rnd 2:  Both guys come out looking for a KO. Ludolf catches Wade on the jaw and he drops for a 3rd 8 count. Wade gets up more motivated and hunting a KO. He catches Ludolf with a big hand, but at the same time Ludolf catches Wade an scores another 8 count that Wade could not get up from.

MMA CFL Title Belt – Luke Michaels vs Graham Roberts

Rnd 1: They started by checking each other with a little boxing. Almost immidietly after, Luke changed levels and went for the take down to land in side control of Graham. Unfortunately, the ref stepped in straight away seeing that Graham’s hand/wrist had broken from the takedown. Luke won by TKO (ref stoppage)

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