Tag Team MMA: Do we want this?

There has been a few variations to what we consider MMA coming out of Russia of late. If anything I have to give them credit for creativity, although it could just come down to all the Krokidil being taken that side of the world that they come up with these ideas. Now, while I have contemplated the concept of a tag team MMA fight, I never thought it would ever actually come to be. Besides for the sheer mechanics of it being super difficult to organise and the extra fight disputes that would occur due to understanding what a tap in is and if it counts if I am being arm barred, its just stupid and against the original idea of what MMA is.

Originally, MMA or rather the UFC was to see what the best style of Martial Art was. Fast forward a few decades and things have evolved as they must and its not about style vs style, but who is best at everything or sometimes who is has more of a mouth. As great as it is to see one guy beating up 2 in something like 32 seconds, whats the point? It really just seems to take away from the essence of the sport and turn it into a side show. Meh.

Entertaining video anyway. What do you guys think of all these MMA spin offs, is it the sport of MMA evolving or just Russians being Russian?

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