Rise of the Warrior XIV – Play by PLay

Fight 1 – Leyton Gloss vs Donald Mongane

Round 1: Great standup duel in the 1st!!! Junior fighters not leaving anything to chance!! round ends with both bloodied!!!

R2: Gloss held his opponent in the clinch & kept working on his body! Eventually getting the TD & immediately sinks a deep arm bar, to get the W!!

Fight 2- Claudy Kalanda vs Stan Topal

Round 1: Claudy showed superior ground skills, sinking a guillotine early on, but Stan refused to tap!! round definitely to Claudy!!

Round 2: Almost a reversal of R1, with Stan trying for a guillotine early on. The effort, however took its toll on him & he looked gassed towards the end of the round. Claudy smelt blood and tried to end it.

Round 3: That was one way traffic!!! A perfect example of how important cardio training is!! Claudy was able to stalk his opponent & landed shots almost at will, as Stan wasn’t able to defend himself. Eventually the ref stopped the humiliation & gave the Win to Claudy by TKO

Fight 3 – Tiaan Voges vs Damian Schultz

Round 1: Schultz came out like a man possessed!! quickly took his opponent to the ground and from there, controlled the entire round, right up to when he started landing HEAVY elbows to Voges’ ribs. That took all the remaining resolve out of Voges & the ref stopped the fight, awarding the win to Schultz, via TKO.

Fight 4 – Juan Pretorius vs Roderique Kena

Round 1: Pretorius had no answer to Kena’s power striking!! this bout ended in under 2 min, with Kena knocking Pretorius down with a massive blow to the head & followed it up with vicious GnP. The Ref had no choice but to stop the punishment & give the Win to Kena via TKO.

Fight 5 – Kevin Hofmeyer vs Tiaan Swart

Round 1: This one was short & sweet!! Swart shot for & got the TD early on, getting into full mount & when his opponent tried to roll out of it, he sank an inescapable Kimora, to get the win via Submission.

Fight 6 – Sasha Oock vs Robo Ambama

Round 1: Another bout that was never gong to last long… Ambama taking the fight to the ground and pounding his opponent into submission, from inside his guard, getting the win by TKO.

Fight 7 – Sasha Cambel vs Cole Henning

Round 1: Very short but exciting bout that!! Henning took it to the ground early on and proceeded to dominate Cambel from inside his guard & taking the win via verbal submission!

Fight 8 – Frans Morela vs Sifundu Mlodise

Round 1: Morela was very aggressive, dominating both the ground & stand up.

Round 2: Morela was just as aggressive as the 1st, but got a point deducted for illegal blows. However, he still managed to dominate.

Round 3: Again, Morela came out firing!! Outclassing his opponent both in standup & on the ground. He was, however, unable to finish & had to settle for a win via unanimous decision.

Fight 9 – Gino Veludo vs Paul Ronge

Round 1: A great start to a promising fight!! Both fighters showing great standup skills and neither giving an inch!!

Round 2: This was a very different picture to the 1st. Gino wasn’t able to control the round nearly as much & the contest suddenly seems very even!!

Round 3: The last round was the best of the 3!! Very evenly matched, with Paul focusing on keeping out of Gino’s reach with a barrage of kicks. This didn’t deter Gino though, who countered very well with accurate 1-2 combo’s. The decision was left up to the judges though, who gave it to Gino via unanimous decision

Fight 10 – Albert vd Westhuizen vs Mhlengi Afrikana

Round 1: Another very quick affair, with Albert taking it to the ground & gaining the mount easily. He immediately laid into Mhlengi & was awarded the win by ref stoppage, after some vicious GnP.

Fight 11 – Ally Kalambay vs Warren King

Round 1: An exciting start!! Both men landing some telling blows, testing eachother’s resolve. They’re evenly matched

Round 2: Ally managed to keep King away for most of the round, with some accurate, hard kicks. King’s counters were largely ineffective.

Round 3: WOW!!! Gruesome!! King took it to the ground & sunk a DEEP arm bar, but Ally refused to tap!! The consequence? He had his elbow dislocated but was disqualified for not releasing his opponent’s glove, after repeated warnings to do so!!

Fight 12 – Rudi Bosman vs Jean Barnard

Round 1: A great round, with a fair amount of action!! Rudi was cut under both eyes but wasn’t deterred! The ref called for the doc to ensure that he could continue & was given the thumbs up.

Round 2: After a brief exchange, they went to ground, with Jean Stunning Rudi with a massive right. Jean quickly capitalised & sunk a RNC for the win.

Fight 13 - Andre van Huysen vs Roevan de Beer

Round 1: This is shaping up to be a technical ground battle, with both fighters showing great skills!! Neither able to dominate for long

Round 2: Again, it went to ground, with Andre looking like he couldn’t decide whether he wanted a standup, or ground contest. This apparent indecision cost him, as he was caught in an arm bar, after rushing in, after just having stood up. Roevan with the win

Fight 14 – Trezeguet Kanyinda vs Kerry Wait

Round 1: What a great ground battle!! As short as it was, it was full of awesome action!! Kerry shot for the TD immediately, and although the advantage was exchanged numerous times, it was Wait who eventually triumphed through a submission to an arm bar.

Fight 15 – David Mazinyane vs Brian Dlamini

Round 1: This, ladies and gents, was one hell of a slug fest!! David out punched Brian thoroughly, visibly hurting him & taking the win through a TKO!!

Fight 16 – Sean Santana vs Herman Oberholtzer

Round 1: All of 11 seconds!!! Herman landed a devastating kick to Sean’s head, knocking him out cold!!! Job done, thanks for coming!!

Fight 17 – Robert Simbowe vs Cee Khuboni

Round 1: What a round!!! These men playing a psychological game!! Incredible striking display!! Even when it went to the ground, neither man let up on their work rate!! There were numerous reversals on the ground, with the end of the round seeing Simbowe unleashing some BRUTAL GnP on Khuboni!!

Round 2: More of the same!! Although Kuboni is a Muay Thai fighter, he managed to out-manouver his opponent & took the win through a Rear Naked Choke.

Fight 18 – Martin de Beer vs JP Bezuidenhout

Round 1: After a quick flurry of blows from both fighters, it went to the ground, where Martin asserted his authority & very quickly took the victory via an arm bar.

Fight 19 – Conrad Seabi vs Gavin Green

Round 1: These 2 were NOT afraid to stand and trade punches!! Seabi was cut under his left eye, early on by a hard left jab. This didn’t phase him at all, though and he stalked his opponent, picking his opportunities, all the way until he left a gap in his defence & was KO’d by an overhand left from Green.

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