Fightstar 5: Live Play by PLay

Fight 1: Roedie Roets vs Tristian Ribeiro

Round 1: the pace was frenetic with Roets dominating on the ground.

Round 2: They went to ground early in the round with Roets dominating again. This is a very technical ground battle.

Round 3: This was another round fought on the ground, but neither fighter was able to show much dominance over the other.It eventually went to the judges, with Roets taking the win by unanimous decision

Fight 2: Onameditse Dikgomo vs Natangwe

Round 1: Both fighters kept it standing for most of the round, until Natangwe used his Judo skills to take it briefly to the ground. Dikgomo was able to take the fight standing & dispatched his opponent soon after with a hard shot to the temple, dizzying him & getting the TKO

Fight 3: Mo Dudhia vs Dirk Smit

Round 1: Both men came out striking but the fight quickly went to the ground with Smit in control for the most part.

Round 2: The fight went straight to the ground again, with Smit sinking a deep arm bar. Dudhia, however, refused to tap and eventually escaped!! What a round!!

Round 3: Both fighters were tired from the start of the round. Amlost right away, Mo took a shot to the groin and both fighters took advantage of the break to catch their breath. Mo surprised everyone with an over the shoulder Judo throw!! The fight didn’t stay on the ground for too long though. It eventually went to the judges with Smit getting the W

Fight 4: Norman Lekgothoane vs Kobus Dauth

Round 1: These men came out swinging!! at first it appeared that Kobus was the more accurate striker, stunning Norman early on. However this seemed to motivate a fight back by Norman, who replied with a huge barrage of uppercuts, seeming to land them at will.

Norman eventually took it to the ground & got the win by GnP

Fight 5: Duvan Russouw vs Chris Steenkamp

Round 1: What a round!! Heavy blows were traded at the beginning of the round. when it went to ground, Russouw tried for a triangle choke, but had to deal with being repeatedly slammed to the ground! Russouw managed to get a deep arm bar, but Steenkamp refused to tap and eventually escaped.

R2: The fighters again came out swinging, but the action was short lived, with Russouw winning by ref stoppage

Fight 6: Joseph Phutiagae vs Nick Chalmers

Round 1: Neither fighter really showed dominance over the other, with the fight going to ground & being stood up twice.

Round 2: Chalmers tried to take the fight to the ground again, with Joseph defending the take downs. the fight was ended prematurely, though, with Joseph suffering a broken arm. It isn’t immediately clear how he broke it.

Fight 7: JD van der Merwe vs Nic Kotze

Round 1: Although Kotze had quite a height advantage, vd Merwe  was able to take the fight to the ground very quickly. Kotze managed a reversal, but in doing so, gave up his arm & had to tap, giving the win to vd Merwe.

Fight 8: Carel Bezuidenhoudt vs Michael Evert

Round 1: This went to the ground as well, with Evert being the more aggressive and working the GnP at the end of the round. Carel was only saved by the bell.

Round 2: The wrestlers are dominating tonight, with most of the fights going to the ground. This round was no exception, as it went to ground almost immediately as well. Evert controlled the action from there, winning the fight by TKO, via GnP

Fight 9: Dewet de Bruin vs Armand Steyn

Round 1: You have to respect a fighter who takes a fight on 1 hour’s notice!! this is just what Dewet De Bruin did!! The first round, as usual tonight was fought mainly on the ground, with neither man dominating.

Round 2: This was a pretty uneventful round, which, unsurprisingly, was fought on the ground, Apart from an attempted foot lock by Steyn, they ended pretty even.

Round 3: This round was quite a technical ground battle, with quite a few reversals taking place. neither fight was able to finish though, and it went to the judges. Steyn took the win by split decision, but  the crown was unanimous in their appreciation of de Bruin’s gameness for taking the fight on such short notice.

Fight 10: Cole Henning vs Diewan Ukerman

Round 1: This was a very uneventful round, with its entirety being fought in the clinch & both fighters exchanging knees.

Round 2: This round was much more exciting, with both men happy to trade blows, until Henning changed tac & took the fight to the ground & sinking a guillotine choke to take the win by tap out.

Fight 11: Cassim Khusu vs Eric van Rooyen

Round 1: This was quite a boring round, with neither man willing to really test the other

Round 2: A more interesting round, this one. Cassim seemed much more eager to take the fight to Eric. Stalking him the entire round.

Round 3: These guys seem to gather steam as they go. the 3rd was by far the best round of the fight. Cassim was pretty much in control of the cage for the whole round, with Eric refusing to stand his ground & fighting off the back foot. In the end it went to the judges & they gave it to Cassim by unanimous decision.

Fight 12: Johan Erasmus vs Andre van Dyk

Round 1: This was more of a brawl than anything else, with Erasmus swinging wildly from the get go. When they did go into the clinch, the ref had to stop them & warn Andre for holding onto the cage, as well as his opponent’s shorts. At the restart , Erasmus unleashed another wild barrage, stunning his opponent and getting the Win by TKO, after a sustained assault.

Fight 13: Julian Cook vs Shogun

Round 1: An explosive start gave a taste of what was to come in this battle of  2 strikers. Both men landed very accurate shots with both their fists & feet. In the end, though, Julian submitted during the break, between rounds, as a result of injured ribs.

Fight 14: Kevin Koekemoer vs Marcus Olivier

Round 1: This was a short & sweet affair, with Koekemoer taking the fight to the ground & sinking a RNC to win by tap out.

Fight 15: Dale Rieb vs Devan Cronje

Round 1: And it was over in just 15 seconds!!! Cronje took this one with a guillotine choke…nothing more to be said.

Fight 16: Trezeguet Kanyinda vs Frenchie

Round 1: After an initial delay, due to Kanyinda forgetting his mouthguard, the bout got underway & went to ground straight away, with Frenchie executing a textbook sweep. The round ended very evenly.

Round 2: Another round fought on the ground, with Frenchie spending some time caught in an inverted triangle. The rest of the round was quite subdued though.

Round 3: Frenchie took it to the ground again, where it stayed for the duration. The result, however, was left to the judges to decide. they gave it to Frenchie, probably as a result of him scoring all the takedowns in the fight & remaining in control on the ground.

Fight 17: Brendon Davis vs Jan Hendrik Booysen

Round 1: Davis showed superior skills on the ground, causing Booysen to back off when he had him at a disadvantage. This was to his own detriment, as Davis launched at him, as soon as he stood up & landed heavy blows, knocking him out and taking the win.

Fight 18: Riyaard Pandy vs Dwayne Potgieter

Round 1: This was a by no means a one sided affair, wit hboth men giving as good as they got. Pandy was more effective on the ground.

Round 2: This was an exciting round, with loads of action, both standing & on the ground. The win, however went Pandy’s way, with him scoring a KO.

Fight 19: Rudi Otto vs Chad Hanekom

Round 1: Chad made his intentions clear from the beginning, with some great head kicks. an action packed round with both men out to win by KO.

Round 2: This is DEFINITELY the most exciting fight of the night!! Chad took it to the ground & quickly gained the mount. From there, he laid into Otto, forcing him to turn his back. Chad wasted no time & grabbed victory by means of a rear naked choke.

Fight 20: Gareth Sawyer vs Ettiene Jacobs

Round 1: A very simple affair, which saw Sawyer take the fight to the ground and dominate from there. He rained down punishment from side control, making Jacobs give up his back. From there, it was just a matter of seconds before Sawyer sunk the rear naked choke to secure the win.

Fight 21: Santa-Marie Venter vs Iris Rodriguez

Round 1: The ladies can bring it!! An exciting round with the ladies evenly matched, both standing & on the ground.

Round 2: This round was as exciting as the 1st, with loads of action on the ground. Iris dominated on the ground and kept it there for most of the round.

Round 3: Almost a carbon copy of the 2nd round, with Iris dominating on the ground & doing more than enough to be awarded the win by unanimous decision.

Fight 22: Natasha Elliot vs Danella Eliasov

Round1: Excitement galore, in this bout!! Danella dictated terms from the beginning, taking it to the ground and gaining mount immediately. From there she unleashed the pain!! The win, however came via an arm bar in the last second of the round. A well deserved win for Danella Eliasov.

Fight 23: Jasen van der Merwe vs Tumisang Madiba

Round 1: This fight ended a lot quicker than expected, although it provided much excitement. Madiba neutralised his opponent on the ground & won the belt through a submission via an arm in Guillotine.

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