Cape Quarter presents ‘Bathtub Gin, Blind Tigers and Bootleggers’

‘Bathtub Gin, Blind Tigers and Bootleggers’ a white collar boxing event with a 1920’s prohibition  theme , being held at the Cape Quarter on the 5th December, is just one of the many exciting  events being organised by Andrea Erwee under the new ownership and management of the urban lifestyle village in conjunction with Jolie 360. The Cape Quarter was recently purchased by the Tower Property Fund, as a part of the R1.65-billion portfolio of 27 properties contained within this new and exciting property fund and will see a fresh new marketing and brand strategy being implemented.

The white collar boxing, provided by The Amoury Boxing Club, will showcase 7 matches of knuckle biting bouts between fighters who are currently in a rigorous training programme in preparation. In keeping with the theme Burlesque dancers will be teasing & tempting the crowd in-between bouts. Guests who purchase tickets have choice of general admission or dinner. The dinner ticket includes a prohibition themed menu from either Voila or Rocca and guests can look forward to delicious items such as; the Bangtail Beef Burger, The Long Island Halloumi Wrap, Dizzy with a Dame death by chocolate dessert and more. The Shiner, The Pimms Cup, The Penicillin and The Swift Kick are not names of boxers but rather cocktails one can expect on the night; ones that deliver the same amount of punch no doubt.

The Bootleggers after party, hosted by Jolie 360 at The Market Bar, in the square at Cape Quarter, will see Cape Town’s DJ JP, bringing a strong swing flavour to the night. All guests are encouraged to dress the part and prizes will be given to best dressed. Tickets may be purchased though quicket

When: 7pm 05th December 2013

Where: Cape Quarter, the square, 27 Somerset Road, Green Point.



The Fight Card

Luciano “CY” Massenz    VS     Matthew “Crazy Horse” Augustyn
73kg    Age: 20                                84kg  Age: 17
Journalism Student                      Scholar

Leroy “Iron Lion” Williams VS James Sey
79kg Age: 28                             86kg Age: 50
Relations Marketer                   Writer

 Anne-Sophie “Spooky”Leens     VS     Nqobile “NoNo” Nkula

65kg   Age: 37                                64kg  Age: 23
Visual Artist                                     Photography Student

Johnny”2step”day     VS             Rams “Jipter” Ilunga
72KG Age 25                                  72kg    Age 25
Med Student                                    Boxer

Steve “The Paratrooper” Burke      VS      Kessy Mkali
68kgs Age 52                                        57kg   Age: 26
Management                Consultant, PWC Boxing Coach

Kyle “The Handgranade” Kenny    VS   Sergio “The Lion Heart ” Galo
75kgs Age 28                                           70kg   Age: 30
Sales Rep                                                 Project Manager

Luke “Griozdas” Kuisis   VS            Michael “The Big Cat” Prince
92kg Age 22                                       82kg  Age   23
Photographer                                      Sales & Marketing

Matt “The Bruiser” Banner       VS    Robyn “Trigger” Triegaardt
96kg Age 24                                       87kg  Age 26
Medical Student                                IT Cloud Computing Systems


I have been given 4 sets of double general tickets for Cape Quarter presents ‘Bathtub Gin, Blind Tigers and Bootleggers’ to give to you guys and as always winning is a pretty simple thing. Just follow the instructions below.

1) Make sure you Follow & Like Muay Guy on Twitter (@Muayguyblog) & on Facebook (Muay Guy).

2) Make sure to click attending on the Facebook event page (Cape Quarter presents BATHTUB GIN, BLIND TIGERS & BOOTLEGGERS)

3) Tell us below in the comments section: Who do you think is the best pound for pound boxer of all time be it amateur or professional?

Competition closes 4th November 2013 and we will announce winners during the day.

*Ps: Mentions, retweets, likes & shares will count in your favour.

***Tickets do not include transport, winners must find their own way to the event****

 Congratulations Tomas, Lucy, Joshua & Shane on winning. See you tonight!

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