Cape Fight League 5 Fight Card Announced

So I just got delivered this awesome piece of info from the good people over at Cape Fight League. Below you will find their fight card for CFL 5. This is looking to be a massive card, although I presume there will be an injury here or there leading up to the event which will shrink the card slightly. I have highlighted some of the fights below that I am looking forward to.specifically and will give a little background into them and why I am interested in them.

Dayne Maddock vs Xolela “LUcky” Ngumani: Last time I saw Dayne fight he was the far younger and physically apperaing athlete,  however, he was unrelenting in his attack and eventually won with a massive spinning back fist into rear naked choke. You can watch that in [Finish Friday 21].

Andrea Hill vs Amy Carter: I could be mistaken, but both these girls have quite a bit of K1 experience and this will be both their first MMA fight. I have seen Andrea fight a few K1 fights and have been pretty impressed with her technique. Amy I have not seen, but I did have the pleasure of meeting her and sitting next to her for the majority of EFC 25 last week.

Sheena Haines vs Wisaal Adams: While I do not know anything of Sheena Haines, Wisaal is one of the more vocal local fight & Mauy Guy fans in Cape Town and it is her first fight and I am intrigued to see what she has. I’m expecting some high paced action from these ladies.

Nuraan Noordien vs Rushda Mallick: Nuraan is the current K1 SA Champion and recently returned from world champs. Rushda I have seen fight a friend of mine twice and both times were super exciting and she displayed some awesome technique, power and a strong conditioning. The first time she lost to my friend and in the next meeting she had polished everything and become much stronger in order to take a convincing win. Should be a highly technical battle this.

Ludolf Pretorius vs Wade Hammond: These 2 have fought twice before, last time they  met was absolute fireworks. Wade knocked Ludolf down with twice with body shots & Ludolf caught Wade twice with big hands to the temple. They even won fight of the night CFL 4. I’m not expecting any different.

Luke Michaels vs Texier Kabesa:Luke Michaels is the current CFL champion with a formiddable reputation for both ground and stand up capabilities. He is one of the reigning Light Heavy weight EFC champ Gideon Drotschie’s training partners, so you know he can take a knock too. I have only seen Texier Kabesa fight once and boy was I surprised. It was at CFL 3 and he faced EFC debutant & CFL Champ Regis Muyambo. I think this was the first time I have ever seen Regis controlled like that. Incase you didn’t notice, his brother is Igue Kabesa so the talent seems to run in the family.

K1 – Under 71 Kg Emile Brits VS Tim Felix
MMA – Featherweight Dayne Maddock VS Xolela “Lucky” Ngumani
MMA – Fly weight Andrea Hill VS Amy Carter
MMA – Welterweight Nico VS John Lotriet
MMA – Middleweight Dan Labuschagne VS Elrich Strydom
MMA – Lightweight Jean Du Plessis VS Raisin Kulenfuka
 ? Sheena Haines VS Wisaal Adams
MMA – Middleweight Armand VS Zoulu Pupanga
K1 Pro Am – under 63.5 kg Endi Pegato VS Steven Peters
MMA – Lightweight Aidan Brown VS Joshua Ignjatovic
MMA Pro AM – Light weight Graham Roberts VS Brandon Maddock
MMA Pro AM – Light weight Nathan Fredricks VS Tshims Tshilomba
MMA – featherweight ? VS Damon Spike brett
MMA – Welterweight Juan Lagorottia VS Luke Jessop
K1 Pro AM – 60kg’s Nuraan Noordien VS Rushda Mallick
K1 Pro AM – 60kg’s Carlo Scheepers VS Darryll
K1 Pro AM – under 86kg’s Adriaan van Wyk VS Karl Bergemann
K1 Pro AM – over 91kg Johan Roos VS Bobby Borislav
MMA Pro AM – 74kg’s Corbin VS Dane Cull
MMA Title – PRO AM – LHW JP Melim VS Michael Baker
K1 Title – PRO AM – 63.5 kg’s Shane Braaf VS Michael Clatcher
K1 Title – PRO AM – under 75kg’s Ludolf Pretorius VS Wade Hammond
MMA TITLE – Pro AM – Lightweight Luke Michael VS Texier Kabisa

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