South Africa representing at the World Combat Games

The world Combat Games is kinda like the Olympics of Combat sports. Featuring pretty every combat sports like wrestling, fencing, boxing, judo Taekwondo, Sambo Muaythai and many more. The opening ceremony is happening right now in St. Petersburg, Russia and you can watch the events live here on  Muay Guy. There are various Africans and South Africans competing in the different sporting codes and I will try my best to keep you updated on even get the videos of them competing. Obviously the highlight for me is the Muaythai tournament and it really features some of the top names in the Muaythai world. There is a South African fihgting in the -71Kg Muaythai division and boy does he have a tough catergory.:

Men’s -71kg Quarterfinals Contest 1
 RUS – MAGOMEDOV Zaynalabid
 ALG – SID Youssef

Men’s -71kg Quarterfinals Contest 2
 CHN – ZHANG Jinglei
 IRI – MINAEI Masoud

Men’s -71kg Quarterfinals Contest 3

Men’s -71kg Quarterfinals Contest 4

Just to give you an idea of the level in this group that Jarred will be facing: Vital Hurkou’s record currently stands at 102 fights with 90 wins and has faced pretty much the who’s who of Thai Nak Muay. Armin Matli(real name, not his fighting name) is a Thai that has been around for many years and is known for his high flying acrobatic attacks, just search him on google images.  The Israili that Jarred is facing today Ilya Grad has a record of 48 fights and 35 wins and was featured in The Muaythai Challenger series where he faced Antuan Pinto in a super close fight. Jarred better watch out for his elbows and knees as Ilya has a very large reach advantage.
You can view the rest of the South African team here: and If you have any info on their performances, please share it with as as I am sure the rest of the country would like to keep up to date with what is happening at the events. The first day of Muaythai will be taking place today and hopefulle it will be broadcast on the Live stream below.

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