Buddy Beatdown To Raise Funds for Fight the Fight

Buddy Beatdown- Manning up for charity- is an event aimed at the competitive nature of men and women, in bid to raise money for anyone in need.  Good Samaritans challenge their fighting spirit by putting their bodies on the line to help those in need.

The very first event was held in April and raised funds for Kayla Glaser a 10 month old baby with Cystic Fibrosis.

18 December Buddy Beatdown will be bigger and better, hosted at the CPUT Campus in Cape Town and will raise funds for Fight the Fight- a MMA movement against Child Rape. 

Launched in August 2013, Fight the Fight is a project via the MMA community that aims to combat the epidemic of child rape in South Africa through raising awareness as well as a mentorship program with pre teen boys in high risk areas.

All funds raised through the event will go towards mobilizing 2014 projects.

Organizer of Buddy Beatdown 2.0, Mike Mouneimne told Pretty Tuff that should fighters be keen to compete in the event, they should email him at mike@pridefightingacademy.com to submit their names.

“We are looking for MMA fights for the event and guys from all gyms are welcome. This year we will also be opening the event up to white collar bouts for corporates or friends. So if guys with little or no training want to enter, they can do so and will happily train then up.”

As the name of the event suggests, Buddy Beatdown is aimed at friends with a competitive rivalry to settle scores in a fighting environment in the name of charity.

The first ever Buddy Beatdown saw comedians Siv Ngesi and Brendan Murray face off against each other in a two round battle that saw Ngesi walk away with the ‘W’ and R45 000 raised for Kayla. Check out what happened here.

The second event aims to accommodate a much larger crows at the CPUT university sports hall and will also allow for ample exhibition space for sponsors or brands wanting to get involved.

“We will be putting together an expo at the fight night as well, which will allow for MMA brands to sell directly to their target market and also give exposure to sponsors wanting to back the event.. We are calling on any brands who want to either support the cause by sponsoring the event, or leverage off the event to sell  their products to get in touch asap.”


For more info on sponsorship or expo space contact the organizers at buddybeatdown@gmail.com

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