AFL 17 Fight Results

Jason van Heerden wins at AFL 17

Despite  down pours , hail storms and the sharks playing in the finals AFL 17 had a capacity crowd. The event was professionally run with excellent food, the bars were pumping and great music all in all a great Pietermaritzburg crowd with great enthusiasm and support for the local fighters. This will be the first of many Amateur Fight League (AFL) events to take place n PMB.

Fights were well matched with some entertaining and skilled fighters. Results were as follows – a total of 16 fights

The first fight ended very quickly in round one at 1 minute 17 seconds with Nicholas Leech from Durban Gracie arm baring Ryne Kern from Newcastle Tiger Krane.

Unfortunately fight 2 and 3 had to be withdrawn as fighters did not pass the regulatory medical tests which tends to be the norm at most amateur and professional events

Fight 4 had the crowd going wild with Jordan Joubert from Durban dominating Houstan Oliver from PMB Shuriken for the first two rounds . By the 3rd round  Jordan ‘gassed’ and  told the referee one minute into the round that he could not continue . The local fighter Houstan Oliver was triumphant.

Fight 5 was another decisive and quick fight  -1 minute and 18 secs into round 1 -with Robin Botha of PMB faito unable to defend the rear naked choke put on by Shahil Sarjoo from 031 Spartan

Fight 6 was the much anticipated “girl fight” between Natasha Elliot from Witbank Trinity MMA vs Durbans Fatima Asmal [031 Spartanz] with the fight going the distance the win eventually going to Natasha Elliot . This fight also received the CE TV  Fight of the night award.

Fight no 7 was again short and sweet with Yassim Moula from BOD making short work of Bilal Asmal from Durban Faito with a technical knock out in 1 minute 22 seconds in the first round.

Fight no 8 saw local PMB fighter Jason Van Heerden from Shuriken keeping the PMB crowd on its feet until he managed to put a guillotine on AJ Van Walt from Trinity MMA in round 2

Fight no 9 had two local fighters pitted against each other with Warren Raman from PMB Mustang FC doing very well in the first two rounds but eventually losing to a technical knock out 2 min 28 seconds in the 3rd round to Marcissie from Faito.

Fight no 10 saw the first knock out of the night with Daniel Tall from Balitos Spartan 10th Planet taking the KO win over Davy Chaung from Newcastel Tiger Krane 1 min 38 seconds in the first round.

Fight no 11 was another crowd pleaser with people getting out their seats . Kyle Spires of PMB Mustang FC had a tough battle against Sheldon Hughes of Bluffs Undisputed but Kyle managed to get a Technical Knock out 1 minute 50 seconds in the 3rd round

Fight no 12 saw Michael Reimers of 031 Spartanz get the mount early in the first round on Deon Herbst from PMB shuriken. Deon couldn’t shake the mount and the ref stopped the fight 2min 28 seconds in the first round to give Michael  the technical Knockout win.

Fight no 13 saw Dale Rieb from Witbank Trinity MMA catch local fighter Wayne Raman from Mustang MC in a guillotine 58 seconds in the second round.

Fight no 14 was a disappointment for the home crowd with Local Fighter Jonathan Ensalen from Pmb Shurikens return to fighting after many years being caught by Nishanth Naidu from Durban Gracie in his debute fight with a standing Guillotene 2min 28 seconds in the first round . Nishanth won the BAD BOYS submission on the night for his efforts.

Fight no 15 saw Peter Trollip from the Bluffs undisputed finish James Wadilove from The ZOO from the mount with Ground and pound to get the technical knock out 1 min 34 seconds in round 1 .

Fight no 16 was a heavy weight clash between local Fighter Matunga HHH Miradi from Faito and Marklen George from Durban Gracie .Matunga knocked out Marklen 2 min 15 seconds in the first round.

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