A Young Yodsanklai vs Lahkin

Firstly a thank you to Gregor Weichman for finding and sharing of this piece of gold.

This is a pretty old bout between one of the most famous Thai fighters Yodsanklai and another Thai Lahkin (Lucky). The reason I am posting this is that not only is it an old fight of Yodsanklai in his youth, probably around 16-18 years old. It is against a former teacher of mine Lakhin. I trained under Lahkin when he was in South Africa a few years back when he fought in a 4 man tournament against Henry Madini, Jason Roberts & a third guy who’s name I can’t recall. Lets just say he didn’t struggle to win the tournament. He stayed on to teach students for about a month then returned to Lamai Gym where he was based at the time. Last time I spoke to him he had opened his own gym on a small island north of Phuket. What is also so amazing about Lakhin’s career as a fighter is that he was not just successful in Muaythai but in boxing too. According to ‘rumours’ he had 50 undefeated IBF boxing matches. (I only say rumours as I can not find a confirmation of this number. As you will see in this fight, boxing is very much one of his strong points.


So enjoy a great action packed fight from possibly a decade ago.

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