Finish Friday 20 – Spin till your opponent can’t see

So I have had a super busy week so far with a large amount of events last weekend Thai Fight, Thai Fight Kard Chuek, Lion Fight and not to mention real life to deal with when it decides to poke its ugly head. Due to this busyness, I really had not been thinking about this week’s Finish Friday. Then came a tweet from CFL ProAm Welterweight Champion Regis Muyambo asking what is in store for his readings Friday morning. I prompted him for an idea for this week and he suggested Renan Barao’s second-round TKO of Eddie Wineland in UFC 165, also on the weekend. So you can view that pretty awesome spinning heel kick that lead to a TKO. Very impressive. Also thank you Regis. I really need to watch this event still, everyone keeps telling me amazing things about it.

How ever, do not stop at this first video, if you like KOs that is. Barao’s spinning kick reminded me of one of the most intense KOs in UFC and TUF (The Ultimate Fighter) history. Our 2nd video for this week is Uriah Hall’s EPIC KO of Adam Cella.

I want to hear from you guys, what is the most vicious KO you have seen live?

Highlights of Renan Barao’s 2nd round TKO of Eddie Wineland.

Uriah Hall Knocks Out Adam Cella With A Vicious Spinning Back Kick

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