Cape Fight League 4 review

So last night was Cape Fight League 04 featuring many of the Western Cape’s best fighters, headlined by the main event of Luke Michaels vs Daniel Capsopoulos.

I spent most of the night at  the Fight the Fight stand selling products to help raise funds to fight child rape, so a big thank you to all those who came and supported! There is still some clothing available for sale and 1 or 2 tattoo vouchers as well.

Overall the event was smoothly run with no hiccups seen by the audience. The fighting was of a high level and it seems like everyone is stepping up their game with every event.

Some props need to go out to Fight of the Night winners Wade Hammond & Ludolf Pretorius for a spectacular display of technique and heart!

My first highlight of the evening was the MMA bout between Mordechai Serraf and Aiden Brown. The bout started with a small stand up exchange which ended up on the ground with Aiden on top looking for some ground and pound. Aiden working with the attack and trying to pass Serraf’s guard he didn’t see a very sneaky triangle get sunk in until it was too late and he was tapping.

Next up was Kristen Barret in her first fight ever against Andrea Hill in a K1 bout. I was very impressed with Kristen’s technique and look forward to seeing how she progresses as a fighter. Kristen used her first fight as a platform to raise funds for a Children’s home Badisa and managed to raise R7000.

My next highlight was Rasin Kulenfuka vs Brandon Maddock. This was  a very quick fight which ended with Raisin having his shoulder dislocated in an arm bar. They started off with a little exchange with Raisin going for the take down, successfully. Raisin sitting in Brandon’s guard got caught in an arm bar. At this point, Raisin stood up and slammed Brandon, not once but twice. Brandon obviously, didn’t let go and eventually got Raisin to tap.

The 2nd ladies K1 fight also caught my interest as it was South African Champion Nuraan Noordien vs Kirsten De Wit. Nuraan displayed some very efficient technique and went on to win via points. I am alos super impressed with the growth in Kirsten’s technique and style as it had a large improvement in just 3 weeks since she last fought.

Fight of the night was a definite highlight between Wade Hammond and Ludolf Pretorius. These guys really came to war and delivered an edge of the seat bout. First round went to Wade, who dropped Ludolf with body punches twice. In the 2nd round Ludolf caught Wade with a right hand and scored an eight count and then a second one with a flurry of punches. Third round was pretty even with neither fighter giving an inch. In the fourth and final round Wade edged ahead to claim the victory with better all round technique.

My last highlight of the night was the main event Luke Michaels vs Daniel Capsopoulos. This was a very quick fight with Luke shooting straight in. I remember my friend asking who I thought was going to win and before I finished answering, Luke had sunk in a triangle on Daniel.

I am really looking forward to CFL 5 in December as this event is consistently getting bigger and better every time.


Full Fight results:

1) Brendan Leask defeated Greg Lind by split decision.

2) JP Van Der Merwe defeated Elrich Strydom via armbar submission in round.

3) Graham Roberts defeated Josh Ignjatovic via TKO in round 2.

4) Mordechai Serrafc defeated Aiden Brown via triangle submission in round 1.

5) Kristen Barett defeated Andrea Hill via unanimous decision.

6) Endi Pegato defeated Robin Roy Felton via unanimous points decision.

7) Brandon Maddock defeated Raisin Kulenfuka via armbar submission round 1.

8) Nuraan Noordien  defeated Kirsten De Wit via unanimous decision.

9) Wade Hammond defeated Ludolf Pretprius via unanimous decision

10) Egue Kabesa defeated Daniel Matthews via TKO in round 3.

11) Reges Muyambo defeated Shaun de Lange by split decision. (Title Fight)

12) Luke Michael defeated Daniel Capsopoulos via triangle submission in round 1. (Title Fight)


Fight of the Night – Wade Hammond vs Ludolf Pretorius

KO of the night – Egue Kabesa

Submission of the Night – Luke Michaels

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